30 Ottobre 2012
BJCEM at The Others Art Fair
4 Novembre 2012

Disorder workshops in Milan

November 15th-17th2012 | Mapping the Future Workshop | different venues | Milan, Italy
November 15th-17th2012 | A reading sculpture Workshop | Fabbrica del Vapore | Milan, Italy

November 17th2012 | A reading sculpture | Fabbrica del Vapore | Milan, Italy

Among the different activities that compose the Disorder program, two workshops are going to involve both Disorder and local artists, opening the project to the City of Milan.

Mapping the Future is a workshop curated by Marco Trulli and Claudio Zecchi from Cantieri d’Arte (artecantieri.blogspot.it). It represents the occasion to meet for a group composed by 6 Disorder artists and 6 local artists, who are going to work together on the mapping of the surroundings of the Fabbrica del Vapore, searching for spaces, places, signs and practices that talk about the future.
The workshop will last 3 days, from November 15th to November 17th and foresees also meetings with local artists or association, which work on the territory.
The results of the workshop (images or texts) will be exhibited on November 17th at Arci Bellezza, during an evening of events fully dedicated to Disorder.

A Reading Sculpture is a workshop conceived and curated by performer Martina Conti. The artist invites the participant to reflect on the relationship between the book and the human body, being, respectively, instrument of education and body of sense.
The reflelction will be the starting point for the realization of a collective performance that will transform the participants into a sculpture of people, reading silently a book.
The workshop will be held on November 15th and 16th and the performance will take place on November 17th, in the Fabbrica del Vapore, from 3pm till 7pm.

Mapping the future_Workshop(ita)
A reading sculpture_workshop (ita)