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What do we offer to our members?

Institutional meetings: during the year, several meetings among partners are organised. They are aimed at promoting professional exchange, opportunities for debate, good practices exchange and peer learning, helping the partners to foster their professional growth and increase their level of experience, as well as making them more confident in dealing with an international environment.

Communication support: Bjcem supports its members by offering its communication tools for the promotion of their activities: Bjcem website, newsletter (over 4.000 contacts), Facebook page (over 4.700 fans), and Twitter (over 500 followers).

Creation of new partnerships: Bjcem offers support in the search for grants and development of joint projects, encouraging the creation of solid transnational partnerships among partners and external organisations. Being involved in the projects it’s easy for the partners, thanks to the heterogeneity of the network.

What do we offer to the artists coming from our partners’ territories?

Participation to the Biennale: each partner will have the opportunity to be involved in the selection process of their local artists that will participate to the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. The Biennale will not represent only an extraordinary showcase for young creativity, but it will involve the artists in creative production paths all year round, in order to create a strong bond between the international artists and the artistic and cultural environment of the hosting city.

International mobility opportunities: the artists of the territory of the network have the opportunity to be involved in international residencies and workshops through the projects supported by Bjcem. The aim is to give young artists as well as young curators new opportunities of enrichment, exchange, and learning, giving them stimulating opportunities of research, reflection and a Trans-Euromediterranean awareness on cultural topics.

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