BJCEM Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the President of the Association, the Secretary General (who has no right to vote), the Treasurer and the representatives suggested by the National Committees and elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors plans and manages the activities of the Association aiming at the common interest.


Carlo Testini – Italy

Born in Bari in 1963, he graduated in Statistics and Economics and specialized in fundraising. He has been working at the National Directorate of Arci since 1990, with various positions, including coordinator of partnerships with companies, responsible for fundraising campaigns, organizer of numerous national events. Today he is national coordinator of the Culture sector of Arci. He promoted Arci Real project, a circuit dedicated to live music, Arci Teatro, a project to enhance the theatrical experiences of the association, Arci Book, a network of reading promotion experiences, La Ville Ouverte, a program of art actions in the public space.


Michelle Bowen – U.K.

A highly experienced cultural leader who has led and managed major organisational and programme development projects, as well working with leading UK strategic cultural & funding agencies and creative individuals. Michelle has an established record of accomplishment in major fundraising and is committed to artistic excellence  particularly across the contemporary visual arts. She builds trustful influential relationships bringing local, national and international contacts and networks to any role.


Ahmed Fattah – France

French citizen born in Cairo Egypt in 1966 , Architect and interior design , Director of art gallery to support the young artists in Cairo, he worked and cooperated with art gallery in Pennsylvania (US) for 4 years, participated in an exchange protocol between Paris and Cairo supported by the cultural attaché in the Egyptian embassy in Paris. He organised some expositions between French and Egyptians artists in the Egyptian cultural center in Paris. For his sense of responsibility towards young artists, he worked to achieve the dream of young artists to start in steady steps, by supporting culture and look for future outcomes to support young artists and culture. He is also co-fondator and director of the Association Culturelle illimité in Paris.


Luigi Ratclif – Italy

Luigi Ratclif is project manager of the City of Torino, in charge of the Torino Creativa Project dealing with promotion programs of emerging art and innovation at the Central Division for Decentralization, Youth and Services.  He has been the organizing director of the VIII Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean held in Turin in 1997 and of BIG Torino – Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane (2000 and 2002 editions). He is National Secretary of GAI, the Network of Young Italian Artists. From 2007 to 2012 he has been president of the BJCEM International Association – Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean and he is still a member of the Board of Directors of the Association as GAI Secretary. He makes part of the Turin Focal Point managing group for the international network of UNESCO Creative Cities for Design.

Elena Photo 1

Elena Christodoulidou – Cyprus

Elena Christodoulidou studied History followed by History of Art and Archaeology at the University Charles de Gaulle Lille III in France, where she first obtained a Master’s Degree in History and a second Master’s Degree in History of Art and Archaeology. Since 1994 she has been working at the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture as responsible for the Cinema and Fine Art Affairs. In April 2010 she was promoted to Senior Cultural Officer in the Cultural Services of the Ministry, responsible for the departments of Cinema, Fine arts, Music and the European Affaires. She is the chairperson of the Cinema Advisory Committee (the body responsible for consulting the government on film financing),the president of the SEE (Southeastern Cinema Network) and the official representative of Cyprus at the EFAD (European Federation of Audiovisual Directories). She has participated in and organized various programmes and workshops on scriptwriting and film production in Cyprus and abroad. She was a Jury Member of different International Film Festivals. Inter alia, she is the chairperson of the Committee of Works of Art Acquisition, at the Ministry of Education and Culture aiming at the enrichment of the State’s Collection of Contemporary Cypriot Art. She represents the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus to the Audiovisual Working Group of the Council of the European Union. In 2013 she obtained a doctorate in History of Art concerning the contemporary art of Cyprus, with mention Excellent. She is also a member of the European Film Academy.

Magda Makri

Magda Makri – Greece

Magda was born in the outskirts of picturesque Lake Plastira, but was raised in Athens, where she lives today with her son Telemachus and Luna-the-black-cat. She holds a Degree on Economic Sciences from Piraeus University. For quite some years, she has been working in the Cycladic Islands Ephorate of Antiquities of the Culture Ministry, before her transfer as detached staff to the Culture Department of Ministry of Education and Research. As of 2016, Magda was appointed as national representative of the Ministry to the statutory Bodies of BJCEM.


Nina Mudrinić Milovanović – Serbia

Executive of StrategieArt –  Contemporary Art Centre in Belgrade which deals with visual arts. Was a member in editorship of THEORIA Serbian philosophy magazine in two mandates, the leading magazine in the field of philosophy, published by Philosophical Society of Serbia, supported by Belgrade University, Member of Board of The Institute for the study of Culture and Christianity, Member of Serbian Philosophy Society. CEO of the Belgrade Art School for Design and New Media.



Karen Venturini – San Marino

Karen Venturini is an assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Technology of the University of the Republic of San MArino. She is teaching Economical evaluation of projects and products at the undergraduate degree course in Industrial Design, University of San Marino – IUAV (Venice) University. She received a degree in Economics and Commerce at the University of Bologna and a PhD in Engineering Management at the University of San Marino. Her research interests are in the area of cultural economics, diffusion of technologies into various settings and applications, innovation management and R&D management, open innovation, academic spin-offs.


Rita Canarezza – San Marino

Rita Canarezza lives and works in San Marino. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, she is part of the postgraduate research program CCA – Center for Contemporary Art of Kitakyusu in Japan for one year (1998 – 1999) as student of Marina Abramovic. She graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Urbino. She studied Theater Disciplines at the DAMS University of Bologna. Since 1993 she has been Cultural Operator at the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino, Performing Arts section (relating to the Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of Culture and Tourism) where she currently works on the project to open the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Republic of San Marino. Since 1993, she is fostering the active participation of the Republic of San Marino within BJCEM network.


Ibrahim Spahić – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ibrahim Spahić was born on May 10, 1952 in Sarajevo. He holds the University degree in Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies. He is the author, editor, publisher and producer. He is president of the International Centre for Peace and Director of the International Sarajevo Festival Sarajevo Winter. He is also the president of the Publishers’ and Booksellers’ association of Bosnia & Herzegovina, president of GDS (Citizen’s Democratic Party), Bosnia & Herzegovina, president of the International foundation Kulin ban. He is the president of the IITM for B&H. President of House of Europe Sarajevo. President of the commission for cultural strategy development in B&H. Member of the Executive Committee of the European Cultural Forum in Brussels. He is the honorary member of the Bosnia & Herzegovina PEN Centre and the Sarajevo Association of Architects. He was the first president of the Biennale International association of young artists of Europe and Mediterranean, president of euro-regional project Link Diversity, president of the Executive Committee of Citizen’s forum, and president of Organizational Committee Sarajevo Euro-region. He was the president of the Management Committee of the National Theatre in Sarajevo. He was the founder of the Student Cultural Centre at the Sarajevo University, the founder and the president of Art Community Collegium artisticum and eco-movement Skakavac, editor in-chief of the magazine for human rights WHY, co-publisher of the magazine Dijalog. He was member of the Executive Committee of the European Committee for culture of the European Council and president of the project Sarajevo – cultural centre if Europe 1993/94, President of the Board Sarajevo – first intercultural city of the European Council, member of the MESS Council and member of the jury of European festivals, member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Festivals. He was the first president of the Lions Club Sarajevo.
He was representative in the Bosnia & Herzegovina Parliament Assembly for three mandates.
He has received many awards in the country and abroad for his efforts to establish intercultural dialogue, he is recognized peace and freedom fighter. He was awarded with The Knight of art and literature title.


Leonardo Punginelli – Italy

Leonardo Punginelli is since 1989 Head of the Young Artists Office of the Municipality of Ferrara. Since 2016 he is the Director of the Young Artists Association of Emilia-Romagna (GA/ER), consisting of all the Municipalities of the provincial capital of Emilia-Romagna. Since 2004 he is the Secretary of the Italian BJCEM Committee. He has written and coordinated numerous projects at national level in the field of youth creativity and urban regeneration. He has designed and directed exhibition and cultural spaces of the Municipality of Ferrara and has organized numerous exhibition events, from 1990 to today, at local, regional and national level.


Mohamed Rafik Khalil – Egypt

• Born in 26 November 1948, Alexandria, Egypt
• President, l’Atelier d’Alexandrie, Groupment of artists and writers
• Vice chairman, Archaeological society, Alexandria, Egypt
• Professor of Surgery, Alexandria University
• Responsible for education of medical history and ethics
• Founder of ethical committee, School of medicine, Alexandria University
• Poet and founder of poetry workshop, l’Atelier d’Alexandrie
• Ex. consultant, Bibliotheca Alexandria
• Ex. Art center adviser, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
• Participates in supervision of theses in philosophy and history of science In the faculty of arts, Alexandria university
• Secretary General of the Egyptian society of culture and enlightenment
• Shared in the fields of dialogues of civilizations in many universities and cultural forum in many countries like France, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya…
• Has pioneering researches as well in surgery, oncology and tissues engineering

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