Selected Artists for the “Drop of Water Under a New Tongue” Residency
25 Giugno 2024
Selected curators for the Mediterranea 20 Young Artists Biennale BORDERLESS!
20 Luglio 2024

Residency Drop of Water Under a New Tongue participants


Ivana Meštrov is an art historian and curator. She is a lecturer at the art history department of the University of Split, one of the cofounders of Slobodne veze/Loose Associations Contemporary Art Practices, as well as the educational program Curatorial Platform, running in Zagreb since 2008. Through her curatorial projects she questions the classical patterns of exhibition making and the possibility of translating these processes into other constellations/relationships through various spatial possibilities, media, duration and perception experiments, and various modalities of curatorial-artistic collaboration. She conducts academic research on the politicality of the space, and of the construction of the collective through art.



Christina Karava

A new media artist, predominantly working with sound and moving image. She develops audiovisual compositions which consist of narratives that aim to challenge how we perceive reality on a daily basis. These narratives develop via documentation and experimentation with recurring thoughts and inner monologues, which then appear in her works through wry conversations occurring among and between sound, text, video and space. Christina’s works are mainly exhibited as projections, allowing for an amorphous blend between the work and space. Due to this highly affected dialogue between the work and space, each time Christina’s work is exhibited, it offers a totally new experience.


Gloria Frigerio

Born in Milan in 1989. Works in the blurring space between visual and performing arts. She explores expanded performativity as a device capable of generating transformative encounters, celebrating the vitality of the bodies and exploring what cannot fall into the domain of the Lògos. The choice to develop essentially site-specific and collaborative processes responds to this need to constantly reconfigure the relationship with the Other and training an attitude of incomplete controllability of the artwork.



Rodrigo “Oneironaut” Pereira Esteves

Born in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, on April 6, 2001. A multidisciplinary non-binary Portuguese artist combining performance, dance, video and sound mixing for their oneiric works. Rodrigo has a degree in Theatre in the Actors branch at ESTC (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) and has participated in dozens of body, improvisation and dubbing workshops since 2014. They also facilitated their first authorial cinema workshop Emergencies in the summer of 2023. Rodrigo has finished their studies in Prague at DAMU (2022), having international links and collaborative skills on artistic residences, with the help of non-formal education programs. Rodrigo is focused on their audiovisual works, combining poetry, performance, image and sound to create dreamlike universes, with their films getting prized and premiering on Portuguese film festivals. Taking on their pseudonym of Oneironaut (Onironauta in Portuguese), Rodrigo creates a shared universe between each work, drawing a creative map of elements of Dream, Myth and Identity.


Cristina Ferreira-Szwarc

Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1990. A visual artist, lives and works in Poznań, Poland. Works on the themes of foreignness, displacement and alienation, creating mainly installations, objects and drawings. Her latest work focuses on how architectural and social spaces shape the individual, and in reverse, how personal memory and language affect physical space. Co-starter of the Portuguese-Polish residency program ‘Unsolicited Works’ (Instituto Camões, Warsaw), past artist-in-residence at Galeria BWA Bydgoszcz and at KVOST – Kunstverein Ost (Berlin). Scholarship holder of the city of Poznań. Performer in both theater and museum contexts. Exhibited in, among other: Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin), Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, MSN Warszawa, KVOST (Berlin), Municipal Gallery Arsenal (Poznań) and Virserums Konsthall (Sweden). (Photo: J.Krzyżanowski)