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24 Gennaio 2019
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18 Marzo 2019

Nottingham City Takeover | An interview to Michelle Bowen

Nottingham City Takeover opens on February 7.
We have asked few questions to Michelle Bowen, Director at UK Young Artists.

What are your expectations about the event, considering both the general atmosphere that you are expecting to find in town and the feelings about the quality of the artworks that will be presented?
We are excited to see how a city can change and re-shape itself when a wave of creativity crashes through it with art, art-tivism, and performances are bursting out of public squares, traditional and non traditional culture spaces. To have so many artists from across the world joining us and sharing their work and celebrating one of the great cities of the UK, known for its rebellion and creativity. The quality of work we are showing this year is some of the best that we have hosted, made all the better with our wonderful international partners. We believe that this is one of the largest biennials in the world since 2013 and by far the best!
UKYA City Takeover will involve more than 250 artists coming from different continents and different artistic backgrounds. What do you think is the added value of such an international and multi-disciplinar approach?
To have such a breath of work as well as the aesthetics of Western and Eastern art practice in one place, will make for an exciting presentation of work for visitors and for the young artists participating a unique opportunity to both question and develop their own practice as well as develop new networks and insight into the global art sector.