Mediterranea 16: The Others Award. Francesco Bertocco is the artist selected
11 Novembre 2012
Alessandro Castiglioni
4 Dicembre 2012

Retour de Biennale in Marseille

November 16th – December 22nd | Marseille | different venues

The Retour de Biennale, organized and produced by Espaceculture_Marseille with the support of the City of Marseille and of Région PACA, is going to present the works of the french selection artists [Marseille, Région PACA, Montpellier, Pays d’Aix, Agglomération Toulon Provence
Méditerranée] who have taken part at the XV Biennale de la Méditerranée, in Thessaloniki and Rome in 2011.

An year after this double event, visual artists Sophie Guerrive, Younes Baba Ali, Jérémie Delhome, Vincent Betbeze, Sébastien Durante, Mathias Isouard, JRM, Audrey Martin, Arnaud Kwiarkowski, Sophie Pellegrino, Sandra Lorenzi and Moussa Sarr; the music group Hyphen Hyphen, the writer Leila Anis and the filmmaker Florence Chirié are going to present their works.

On this occasion, for the first time, Espaceculture_Marseille is going to present also videos of spanish and libanese artists, also coming from the Biennial experience.

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