XXIII edizione di MOVIN’UP 2021/2022 dedicata all’Area Spettacolo – Arti Performative
9 Marzo 2022
A Natural Oasis?
13 Aprile 2022

Food Wave | Every food is a landscape

In the framework of the project Food Wave, BJCEM has launched an open call for artists. 


The objective of the project is nurturing the relationship between food and landscape in order to define a series of reflections on how the ways of food production and consumption transform the landscapes of the Euro Mediterranean cities as well as Brazil and how, through radical choices or alternatives to the invasive ones of globalized production, individuals and communities can choose to preserve the territory through solidarity and the promotion of sustainable food systems. The core of the project is the reflection on food production, on human and natural supply chains that this process sets up.

13 visual artists selected to be featured in a group exhibition. Each of them receives a fee of  250. The exhibition will be held in Turin and hosted at BEEOZANAM, a plural space where ideas and communities are produced.

2 visual artists selected for a short residency that will end in a public event featuring actions, installations, and temporary happenings in public space. Each of them is going to receive a research grant of  350.


Food Wave is co-funded by the EU and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with 29 partners, including BJCEM, across 17 countries. Partner: BJCEM (Country of implementation) Albania, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, UK