Indagine sulle carriere artistiche emergenti e la produzione culturale indipendente in Italia
16 Aprile 2020
Progettiamo la cultura che verrà: quattro eventi online a cura di “Una città con te”
27 Maggio 2020

UKYA becomes UK New Artists!

Special Announcement from BJCEM member
UK Young Artists


Since 2008, UK Young Artists has supported almost 2000 young artists aged 18-30 to connect and collaborate, to develop and expand their practice, and present their work at significant national and global platforms.
UKYA commits to having artists at the heart of what they do, and to being agile in responding to the needs of practitioners. In light of this, they are aware artistic practice doesn’t always begin between the ages of 18-30 but can begin at any age, as more people are choosing to re-train or change career at a later point.
So, it’s out with the ‘young’, and in with the ‘new’.
Let us introduce you to UK New Artists.
As of April 2020, UK New Artists opportunities will be open to artists at any age above 18 who are within the first 10 years of their professional practice.

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