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24 Marzo 2020
Indagine sulle carriere artistiche emergenti e la produzione culturale indipendente in Italia
16 Aprile 2020

16 Influential Young Curators Shaping Contemporary Art, by Artsy Platform

Giulia Colletti, member of the Curatorial Board of Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale | School of Waters | San Marino 2020, has been included in the list of 16 Influential Young Curators Shaping Contemporary Art, by Artsy Platform.
“Curators link artists and audiences. They translate the works of visionary painters, sculptors, filmmakers, photographers, and performers into presentations that move and inspire viewers. The power of curators resides in their ability to select which creative people and projects they want to promote in museums, biennials, galleries, and independent exhibition spaces.
The following 16 curators, all aged 35 years or younger, are bringing fresh, millennial perspectives to a global roster of institutions and programs. Their motivations skew political: They aim to promote art by underrepresented figures and minorities. They value transdisciplinary practices and art that critiques the art world itself. Altogether, they’re shaping the future of art around the world.”

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