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14 Aprile 2016
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22 Aprile 2016



Contemporary art along the Naviglio Martesana
from 4th June to 2nd October, 2016
In collaboration with the Municipalities involved in the memorandum of understanding Martes’Anima

Schermata 2016-04-28 alle 12.55.08

ECOISMI, at its fifth edition, aims to be a meeting point between contemporary culture and the deep roots of the Adda – Martesana territory.
The exposition involves the construction of six site-specific artworks that will be located in various areas of the Municipalities along the Naviglio Martesana, next to its distinctive cyclepath. The projects will be able to create a natural and osmotic relationship between art, the environment, and the local identity, and will have an aesthetic and cognitive value, in relation to the processes and transformations that affect the environment and the present condition, to
trigger a reflection on the dynamics of ecology and sustainability.
Leitmotif of ECOISMI 2016 is the theme: “everything flows“, a famous aphorism attributed to Heraclitus, pánta rêi (in Greek πάντα ῥεῖ). Starting from a reflection on the connection between man and the water of the river, Heraclitus stated that it is impossible to step twice into the same river because after the first time both the river (in its constant flowing) and the man (in his constant changing) are no more the same. The thought about the time brings with it the comparison with the bike wheels and the clock hands, which turn slowly but may cover long distances rolling with no rush towards the future.

It is foreseen that the artistic interventions will be located closes to the urban centers, acting in areas of comparison and overlapping between natural environment and human communities.

The objectives:
• Increase and improve the value of the local territory, its historical memory and its natural resources;
• Promotion of contemporary art languages;
• Promotion, knowledge, and enhancement of artistic expression of the younger generation;
• Activation and promotion of a dialogue between the artists and the population (residents, students, foreigners
and tourists);
• To convey messages related to the value of environmental sustainability, through various forms of art.

Deadline 24/04/2016 – 23:59

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