15 – 24 November 1994

 Several innovations characterized the VII edition of the Biennial.

First of all, the International Committee approved changing the initial denomination Biennial of Young Artists from Mediterranean Europe to Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. This change, even if small, was significant: it meant that all countries of the Mediterranean could be present and that the countries of Southern Europe with distant geographical locations could participate within their own right. This opened a safe door to the enlargement of the members of the International Committee, that included two new Countries: Slovenia and Albania.

Moreover, the Biennial project in Lisbon was developed for the first time by an Association, the Portuguese Club of Arts and Ideas, instead of an Institution, showing an example of the trust among Public Structures and non-governmental organization that is necessary for the success of such an event.

The Biennial was organized in the same year of Lisbon-94 European Capital of Culture; for that reason there were a series of collateral activities in the city.

Disciplines were re-defined in the following ones: Architecture, Applied Arts, Comics and Illustration, Cinema and Video, Dance, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Gastronomy, Urban Design, Jewelry, Literature, Contemporary Music, Modern Music, Theatre.


600 artists and 150 practitioners from 13 Countries (Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Tunisia) attended the Biennial.

The most outstanding works of this Biennial were presented by the following artists: Ugo Alciati, chef from Italy, Alfons Alt, visual artist from Marseille, Vanessa Beecroft, Italian visual artist living in New York, Elisa Biagini, writer from Florence, Lara Bohinc, jewelry designer from Slovenia but living in London, Pier Paolo Coro, visual artist from the Republic of San Marino, Monica Francia, choreographer from Italy, Paul Granjon, intermedia artist from Marseille but living in Cardiff, Mao e la Rivoluzione, music group from Turin, Marcel-li Antunez Roca, visual artist and performer from Barcelona, Marko Peljhan, intermedia artist from Slovenia but living in USA, Stripburger Magazine, comic magazine from Ljubljana, Alessandra Tesi, visual artist from Prato,


All the expositions, the activities of the literature area and the Biennial Off took place in the Fabrica da Cordoaria Nacional (a former factory of ship sails and ropes).

Theatrical events, fashion shows and gastronomy meetings were distributed in the noble spaces of the city, such as: Centro Cultural de Belém, Mosteiro de Jeronimos, Central Tejo/Museu de Electricidade, Gare Tejo, Café Lisboa, Videoteca de Lisboa, Johnny Guitar, Instituto Franco-Portuguès, Cinemas King. 

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General Director

Jorge Barreto Xavier


Isabel Favila, Ricardo Carisio


Marta Reis

Financial Consultant

Inês Dias Costa, Assistant: Shila Fernandes

Production and Hospitality Management

José Mota Leal, Assistants: Idalia Veloso, Rui Mourato Lopes, Inês Moura Pinto, João Afonso

Responsible for the Shows

Paulo Gouveia, Assistants: Sergio Matos, Patricia Barbosa

Production Assistants

Fátima Fraga, Artur Crácio Alexandre Batalha, Pedro Machado


Domingos Mira, Daniela Monteiro

Technical Production – Lighting

Pedro Leston, Pedro Rua, Alexandre Coelho, Nuno Varzea, Cristovao Verissimo, Diamantino Marques, Adriano Joao

Technical Production – Sound

Jorge Concalves, Jorge Jorge, Leandro Mauricio, Luis Martins, Jorge Martins


Artur Gracio, Rui Mourato

Production and Technical Direction

Miguel Leal Coelho – Centro De Espectaculos Do Centro Cultural De Bélem

Technical Direction of “Philippe Friedman”

Dominique Le Gue

Studio Costa Do Castelo / Café Lisboa

Fernando Pera

Architects Central Tejo

Joao Santa Rita, Claudia Pinheiro, Filipa Mourao


Patricia Barbosa, Fatima Fraga

Edition Cd

Paulo Gouveia, Assistant: Artur Gracio


Sergio Tréfaut – Director, Assistants: Joana Vilaverde Cabral, Manuel Bernardino


Miguel Figueira, Miguel Dias Construction, Miguel Mendes, Manuel Lobao


Joana Vilaverde Cabral, Manuel Bernardino, Noel Sendas, Carlos Cruz

Construction Equipe

Vitor Mendes, Berlino Correia, Silvia Correia, Luis Do Carno, Jose Casaca, Carlos Cruz, Pedro Miranda, Pedro Paulista Lagarto, Miguel Figueiredo, Albano Jorgee Rosado, Nuno Leonal, Vasile Malo


Direccao De Servicio Electricos e Mecanicos – Cml – David Silva

Cleaning Service



Graficos A Lapa



Cinema and Video Coordination

Helena Tavares Da Silva, Assistant: Cristina Pimenta

Fashion Coordination

Pedro Marques Mendes

Promotion and Other Activities

Jorge Barreto Xavier – Director, Riccardo Carisio, Isabel Favila

Literature Coordination

José Vieira Mendes – Director, Nuno Duarte Silva, Rui Pedro Tendinha

Biennial “Off”

Marta Anjos


Carlos Miguel Neves

General Secretariat

Ana Lucia Peres, Ana Maria Rosa, Sandra Efigenio, Tiago Garnel, Filomena Carvalho, David Matias

Photographic Documentation

Olh’o’ Passarinho – Susana Paiva, Luis Rocha, Paulo Moura, Paulo Moreira, Pedro Marote

Video Documentation

João Manuel Dias Pinto, Miguel Sargento, João Serralva

Biennial Bulletin – “As Entranhas Do Camarao”

Adriana Prista, Ana Rita Ramos, Josè Antonio Pinto, Herminia Saraiva, Ines Relva, Paula Matos, Sara Raquel


Antonio Cerveia Pinto (Biennial Off), Carla Almeida E Sousa (Juridical Cabinet), Luis Urbano (Cinema/Video)

Graphic Direction

Clap – Luis Alvoeiro, Carlos Guerreiro, Maria Joao Lima

Advisors of the Biennial

Filipe Nunes Beirao, Carmen Castanheir

Temporary Press

Carlos Jesus Dos Santos, Rafael Matos, Alberto Alfonso Martines, Ana Severo Dos Santos, Ema Favila Vieira, Bruno Martins Soares, Bruno Magalhaes Vidal, Teresa Joel, Angelina Mota Leal, Ana Moura Pinto, Maria Catravina, Filipa Pererira, Rita Caceiro, Pedro Moreira, Ana Sousa, Teresa Silva

Graphic Direction

Luis Alvoeiro, Carlos Guerreiro, Maria João Lima


Jose Vieira Mendes, Nuno Duarte Silva, Jorge Barreto Xavier


Monica Blum

General Revision

Marie-Agnes Then

Edition of Colores

Carlos Pieres


Multicomp, Artes Graficas, Lda 



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