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Nordic Noise – Curating the Nordics

Nordic Noise – Curating the Nordics

Are you a young curator, artist, or artistic producer between 20 and 35, studying or practicing in the Nordic area? Then you are eligible to apply for participation in Nordic Noise, a cross-artistic curator project that will take place from 2022 to 2024.
We want to hear about what you’re interested in. The ideas you outline in your application, combined with those of the other participants, will contribute to Nordic Noise’s artistic direction.
In Nordic Noise you will take part in small collaborative residencies consisting of workshops and seminars with the other participants, moving between our partners in Kristiansand (NO), Reykjavik (IS), the Faroe Islands and Århus (DK). At these places there will be visits to Nordic art collections, events, and institutions. The residencies will have overarching themes like diversity, sustainability, and cross-artistic practice. In between residencies we work together digitally.
Nordic Noise will research the Nordic dimension in the arts; and through the program you will meet and confer with professional curators, artists, and producers. Text and other materials from the process will be published online along the way, and selected items will end up in a physical publication at the end of the project. In addition, Nordic Noise will create an Open Call for a young Nordic / International art festival.
Applicants working across artistic expressions are especially welcome to apply.
You get:
– A fixed fee, travel and accommodation in connection with the residencies
– Relevant curator, production, and dissemination practice
– New international networks
Possible ideas to get started with (for inspirational purposes)
– Is there such a thing as Nordic art?
– How is Nordic art world perceived from abroad?
– Is the Nordic region in the center or in the periphery?
– What feelings does the Nordics raise? Compared to your local community or the surrounding world?
– Is there such a thing as a Nordic strand in art history?
– What will characterize Nordic arts in the future?
Apply by 1.February 2022
Nordic Noise is created by Fluks – Centre for Young Art at the University of Agder (NO)



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