2 Luglio 2018
Project landXcapes: meet the tutor for Storytelling Luigi D’Elia
11 Luglio 2018

OPEN CALL for curators | The Window (Paris-France)


In this period of great commemorations of May ‘68, The Window organizes a project focused on public discourse for the Nuit Blanche 2018 and questions its transformative power. A space of free speech like the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park London will be installed in project space The Window in Paris for the Nuit Blanche, which takes place on October 6, 2018.

Project description

The Window wishes to continue this adventure by launching an open call to international curators within the BJCEM Network. Curators are invited to propose an artistic project that questions memory and transmission of various citizen demonstrations that drew the Euro-Mediterranean landscape after 1968. Updating the revolutionary potential of May ‘68, our wish is to create a network of cultural actors to think the new forms of action and living that face multiple challenges of contemporary societies, on political, social or ecological level.

The Window offers its 30m2 space overlooking the pedestrian street in the heart of multicultural district, Strasbourg Saint-Denis, in Paris. The Window raises questions such as what is the public space today, who and how uses it; how one can face various challenges as privatization, gentrification or security risks. Can a street resist as a place of plurality and exchange with otherness? The curatorial proposal should be part of this reflectional framework while keeping its singularities related to different political and historical contexts of its own environment. Proposals can be in a form of an exhibition, performance or even a conference.

How to apply

Please send your CV and proposal (one written page) with 10 visuals (max) to info@thewindowparis.fr

As part of the project, the Window provides the exhibition space and a professional curatorial team. Invited curator is in charge of finding the fees for travel, accommodation and production.

Deadline for application: 31/08/2018

Place: The Window, 1, rue Gustave Goublier, 75010 Paris

Catherine Baÿ, The Window director and choreographer

Svetlana Montua, researcher and independent curator