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23 Agosto 2017

São Paulo, out of reach a conversation with Claudio Zecchi

Saturday, July 15th, at 3pm, Claudio Zecchi, curator in residence at Pivô Research program unfolds his investigation around São Paulo in the form of a conversation with some of the professionals met so far in this ongoing research like: Mauro Restiffe, Tuca Vieira, casadalapa (César Meneghetti and Julio Dojcsar), Fernanda Grigolin, Fernando Falcon, Lucas Simões, Thiago Carrapatoso, Helena Cavalheiro.
São Paulo, out of reach, is the title of the fourth chapter of an international research started by the Italian Curator Claudio Zecchi in 2014 that goes under the name Practices as an intersection in a Fragile Environment.
The title that leads the entire research here in Brazil comes from an exhibition made in 2012 by the Brazilian artist Mauro Restiffe.
The aim of this chapter is investigating São Paulo’s public sphere through its Architecture and Urbanism trying to unearth different possible readings. The project moved in fact through different languages such as visual art (in all its possible extent: sculpture, video, performance, photography), journalism, anthropology, activism, curatorship/research, architecture, and urbanism.

Supported by BJCEM and Ramdom