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A Natural Oasis? | A Transnational Research Program | SELECTION RESULTS

A Natural Oasis? | A Transnational Research Program | SELECTION RESULTS

On June 2nd, at the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino, the curators Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone Frangi have evaluated over 60 applications received for the project “A natural Oasis? A transnational research program”, supported by BJCEM.
Applicants came from all the Euro-Mediterranean area, but also from the U.S. and Russia. Among all profiles, 8 professional curators have been selected.

The selection was based on the analysis of all the applications received, comparing the motivational letter with curriculum and research portfolio. This analytical part was followed by a second comparative phase that took into consideration geographical area, in relation to the specifications expressed in the call.

The selected candidates from the project partner countries are:

For Kosovo, Eremire Krasniqi, 1985 (Kosovo / Albania).
For San Marino, Giulia Gregnanin, 1990 (San Marino / Italy).
For Malta, Valerie Visanich, 1982 (Malta)
For Montenegro, Lenka Đorojević, 1982 (Montenegro / Slovenia)
For Italy, Chiara Cartuccia, 1984 (Italy, UK, Germany).

3 participants were then selected from other countries, not necessarily BJCEM members.
This led to the selection of:

Maya Tounta, 1990 (Greece, Lithuania)
Sergey Kantsedal, 1989 (Ukraine)
Rachel Pafe, 1990 (US and the Netherlands)


A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Program
curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, Simone Frangi
a project by the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino
within the program of BJCEM Network, supported by Creative Europe

A footpath, long term training and research program, aiming at the realization of a special project for the next
Young Artists Biennial – MEDITERRANEA18, March – April 2017.

In partnership with

Republic of San Marino, Ministries of Education and Culture, Tourism and Political Youth
University of the Republic of San Marino
Municipality of Montegiardino
(Summer School, July 16 – 21)

Viafarini Milano, Italy
(Lecture, July 21)

Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo (suported by Ministry of Education Science and Tecnology of the Republic of Kosovo)
(Field trip, August 28 – 30)

Institute for Contemporary Art, Cetinje, Montenegro
(Field trip, August 30 – September 2)

Agenzija Zghazagh, Inizjamed, Republic of Malta
(Field trip, October 7 – 10)

BJCEM is supported by:

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