Meet the Turkish young artists of Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale
5 Ottobre 2015
The charm of incompleteness
6 Ottobre 2015

Meet the Egyptian young artists of Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale

The Atelier of Alexandria (The Group of Artists and Writers), established in 1935 in Alexandria, Egypt, had selected fourteen Egyptian young artists under 35 years old to participate to Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale in the fields of arts Literature, Music and Visual arts.

In Music, MaQuaM is an Egyptian band from Alexandria, gathered and launched in 2013 to create a new genre in the Egyptian music scene mixing the Original-Oriental Scales (Maquamat) with Progressive Rock/Metal Music with Arabic & English Lyrics (Egyptian Progressive Rock). The group is made of: Lead Guitar: Sunny, Kanoun: Johnny, Vocals: Moustafa Saad, Drums: Simo, Bass Guitar: Mizo, Keyboards: Mario, Percussion: Bodda.

In Literature, two poets will read their poems, Mohamed Elmesalami who will present ” The story is that she ..” , dedicated to the soul of the great musician , Tchaikovsky and “Today”, one of his last poems in which he tries to see today without ignoring its ugliness. Nehal Ghanem will present 3 poems of different titles and themes, all revolving around the idea of departure between a couple or two friends, “Dark Eyes”, “Cleaning the mess” and “Behind the Foggy glass ”.

In Visual Arts, 5 artists will present their works, Israa Elnaggar and Ahmed Mohsen will show their “Curfew”. The stability of dynamic systems represent a regular behaviour, which, in the long run, can be deduced through following a set of visible regular behaviours and a formative chaos that doesn’t stop from either repetition or change, going in a steady course, seeming to be endless. So we honestly realize the truth that the system has Chaos and regulatory desires at the same time.

In addition, Kamal Elfeki will show his installation “Dmocracy” that express the feeling of a group of people who could make the difference but eventually took individual choices that led them in other directions. Amir Youssef will present his installation “Useless machine” a kinetic sculpture made of three easy to assemble parts, the main part is a wooden box with already installed engine and acrylic sheets. The other parts are two wings connected to the main part. In the Back eight wooden frames with kinetic contents are hanged on the wall.

Yasmine Elmeleegy will present her installation “Fever”. The artist entered one of the Fever Hospital in Abbasseya, since she has been infected by Malaria during her staying in Ghana. This experience resembled a nightmare that has resounded into her thoughts although it was passing through her real life because she was extremely ill.

L’Atelier d’ Alexandrie is a group of artists and writers member of the Board of BJCEM since 2005. Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil is the head of L’ Atelier and the president of the Egyptian Delegation and Moataz El Safty is the art director of international artistic cooperation and the curator of L’ Atelier in Meditterranea 17, Milano 2015.

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