Alternative Nomadi: post-Biennial event in Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan
15 Novembre 2013
/ti’tano/ little constellation exhibition
5 Dicembre 2013

Post-Biennial event in Split

December 5-19 2013 | MKC-Multimedia Center, Split – Croatia

Mediterranea 16 in Split presents this year’s Biennale through eighteen international artistic positions; the exhibition has been framed by Ivana Mestrov and Natasa Bodrozic (Loose Associations/ Slobodne veze platform) and includes a special selection of videos by the curators Charlotte Banks and Delphine Leccas.

Within the framework of the Biennial theme, Errors Allowed, the exhibition focuses on the study of the regimes of knowledge and self generated education strategies in the arts and their reflection on the broader society. Selected authors and groups of authors problematized the specific social context, working conditions and the mechanisms of production and reception of art and culture within their communities.

The invited artists are: Nika Autor, Fabian Bechtle, Igor Bezinović, Etienne de France , Tea Hatadi, Kontraakcija, Mreža solidarnosti / Antej Jelenić, Gildo Bavčević, Nina Jurić, Andrea Palasti, Marko Salapura, Ana Vuzdaric.

The video selection includes the works of : Maha Shahin, Madonna Adib, e.belit sag, Sirine Fattouh, Paul Hage Boutros, Khaled Jarrar, Katia Kameli and Randa Maddah.



Ulica slobode 28, Split – Croatia


Opening: 5/12/2013 h. 8pm

mon-sat: 2-8 pm


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