October 22nd 2020 – February 28th 2021

Republic of San Marino


Mediterranea 19
Young Artists Biennale

School of Waters

curated by A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme


Deadline January 26th 8pm – Italian time

BJCEM and the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino announce the launch of the 19th edition of MEDITERRANEA, a transnational Biennale, which will take place in the Republic of San Marino from October 2020 to February 2021 under the title School of Waters.

MEDITERRANEA 19 – School of Waters is dedicated to artists, writers and researchers under 35 (born from January 1st 1984) coming from or based within a constellation of territories related to the Mediterranean Sea. In this geopolitical frame, MEDITERRANEA 19 – School of Waters aims to reflect on exchanges and hybridizations as well as on crossed diasporas in the Mediterranean globalized space.

Disseminated in different venues in the Republic of San Marino, MEDITERRANEA 19 is curated by the third edition of A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme (2018-2020):

Senior Curators

Alessandro Castiglioni, Italy; Simone Frangi, Italy/France (founders and directors of A Natural Oasis?);

Curatorial Board

Theodoulos Polyviou, Cyprus/UK; Denise Araouzou, Cyprus/Spain; Panos Giannikopoulos, Greece; Angeliki Tzortzakaki, Greece/Netherlands; Nicolas Vamvouklis, Greece/Italy; Giulia Gregnanin, San Marino/UK; Giulia Colletti, Italy/UK (Research Fellows of A Natural Oasis? 2018-2020)

The call is open to artists, writers and researchers, from 18 to 35 years old (born from January 1st 1984), coming from or based in the following territories:




Albania National
Algeria National
Austria National
Bosnia and Herzegovina National
Cyprus National
Egypt National
France National
Greece National

Local (City of Thessaloniki)

Italy National (Arci Nazionale, GAI-Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani, Comune di Reggio Emilia)

Regional (Arci Regionale Lombardia)

Regional (Arci Regionale Emilia Romagna)

Regional (Arci Regionale Lazio)

Regional (Arci Regionale Liguria)

Regional (Arci Regionale Sardegna)

Regional (Arci Regionale Sicilia)

Regional (Arci Torino/Piemonte)

Regional (City of Turin/Piemonte)

Regional (City of Campobasso/Molise)

Regional (Ente Manifestazioni Pescaresi/Abruzzo)

Regional (Regione Puglia)

Local (Comune di Bologna)

Local (Comune di Forlì)

Local (Comune di Genova)

Local (Comune di Milano)

Local (Comune di Padova)

Local (Comune di Parma)

Local (Roma Capitale)

Local (Comune di Trieste)

Jordan National
Lebanon National
Libya National
Malta National
Montenegro National
Morocco National
Norway National
Palestine National
Republic of San Marino National
Serbia National
Syria National
Slovenia National
Tunisia National
Turkey National
UK National


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