BJCEM Collaborative Projects

In addition to the Biennale, BJCEM is committed, in collaboration with partners, partners and donors, to carry out transnational collaborative projects, able to offer further opportunities for young artists and curators. Over the last years, 132 under-35 artists have been selected through calls launched by the network and included in residency programs within the framework of the projects:

  • LandXcape, a multidisciplinary cultural project for the integrated enhancement of the identity and landscape heritage of Salento, promoted by Puglia Region, in collaboration with the Pugliese Public Theater and BJCEM. As part of the general project a program of artistic residences was held, aimed at the production of artworks within the rural and naturalistic context, which involved 60 artists selected through BJCEM Network. These creative and productive workshops took place, in a residential form, in six different parks in the Salento area (Parco Dune Costiere – Ostuni; Parco Torre Guaceto – Brindisi; Parco Otranto/Leuca – Otranto; Parco Litorale di Ugento – Ugento; Parco Porto Selvaggio – Gallipoli; Litorale Tarantino – Manduria) and were led by professional tutors.
  • Leaving the mark second edition, a project by the Municipality of Milan created in collaboration with BJCEM and Africa e Mediterraneo association. The project was designed to train and raise awareness of young citizens to the reality of the migration path and the concept of asylum, drawing a common action plan aimed at increasing the commitment against racism and all forms of intolerance and discrimination, with the use of artistic mediums. In particular, for this second edition, Street Art was chosen as a discipline and practical workshops were held in Milanese high schools while a residency program involving 4 young artists selected through BJCEM Network was activated
  • UP-Urban People, a project of the Municipality of Milan, created in collaboration with BJCEM and Fluxlab association. The project focused on the issues of inclusion, insecurity (real and perceived), multi-ethnicity and marginalization in four suburbs of the city of Milan (Giambellino-Lorenteggio, Adriano-Padova-Rizzoli, Corvetto-Chiaravalle-Porto di Mare, QT8-Gallaratese). It proposed new and innovative perspectives to promote a critical analysis of the potentials, criticalities, and of the changes occurring in these pheripherical territories, through the creative languages ​​of visual and multimedia arts. The project activated a residency program involving 4 photographers and 4 video makers, selected through the BJCEM Network.
  • UK City Takeover Nottingham 2019, a project that has crossed the city of Nottingham, immersing visitors in a series of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary works by over 200 artists from three continents. Visual arts, performances, music and words have animated cultural spaces and unusual places in the city. BJCEM has selected 60 young international artists, who have enriched the event with their creativity and talent.

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