Selected curators for the Mediterranea 20 Young Artists Biennale BORDERLESS!

We are thrilled to announce the curators for the XX Edition of the Biennale: Mediterranea 20 – Young Artists Biennale, as part of the official program of GO! 2025 – European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica – Gorizia. Promoted by BJCEM in collaboration with GO! 2025  and Škuc Association. Meet […]

Residency Drop of Water Under a New Tongue participants

Curator Ivana Meštrov is an art historian and curator. She is a lecturer at the art history department of the University of Split, one of the cofounders of Slobodne veze/Loose Associations Contemporary Art Practices, as well as the educational program Curatorial Platform, running in Zagreb since 2008. Through her curatorial […]


Beyond Boundaries


A Natural Oasis? | 2022-2024

Paradiso Urban Art

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