XVII Young Artists Biennial – Mediterranea 17 – Milano 2015

XVII Young Artists Biennial – Mediterranea 17 – Milano 2015

From October 22nd to November 22nd 2015, the “Fabbrica del Vapore” (Via Procaccini 4) hosted MEDITERRANEA 17 YOUNG ARTISTS BIENNALE, a multidisciplinary international event, curated by Andrea Bruciati, promoted by BJCEM and the Municipality of Milan, in collaboration with Arci and the Patronage of Fondazione Cariplo. The exhibition was included in the “Expo in città” calendar, a programme of initiatives that animated the cultural life of Milan during the semester of the Universal Exhibition.

In one of the most representative place for contemporary creativity, 300 creative talents under 35, coming from all the Mediterranean area, have presented their artworks, following the main theme of this edition of the Mediterranean Biennale: No Food’s Land.

The projects included a wide range of form of expressions, such as visual arts and applied arts (Architecture, Industrial Design, Web Design, Fashion, Digital Creation), storytelling, performance (Theatre, Dance, Metropolitan Performance), music, cinema and gastronomy.


Mediterranean 17 officially opened on October 22nd

In the morning, a press conference with the participation of the artistic director Andrea Bruciati, the President of BJCEM, the President of Arci and the Councillor for Culture of the City of Milan introduced the event to the local, national and international press that was attending the event.

Mediterranea 17 in particular hosted delegations of journalists coming from San Marino national tv, Slovenia, Portugal and France (Les Inrockuptibles, La Marseillaise, La Provence, Radio Grenouille, Radio France Bleu).

In the afternoon, all the artists and the general public were welcomed from the main stage of the “Fabbrica del vapore” by the artistic director Andrea Bruciati, the President of BJCEM and the representatives of the City of Milan and Turin.

During the opening of Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale – October 22nd at 6pm – it was  announced the winners of Res Artis Awards 2015, which will assigns two artistic residencies in the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Finland and in the Villa Ruffieux, in Swiss. Res Artis is an international association that collects more than 500 cultural centres, organisations, individual artists and curators from more than 70 countries.

During the opening, the winners of the Res Artis Awards have been announced. Res Artis, Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies was infact invited by BJCEM to run the Awards during the 17th edition of the Young Artist Biennale. Two of Res Artis members, KulttuuriKauppila in Finland and Villa Ruffieux Residency Program in Switzerland awarded a fully funded artist residency as part of the Biennale to one of the participating artists. The winners were Ivana Radovanovich (KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre) and Riccardo Giacconi (Villa Ruffieux).

From October 22nd to October 25th Fabbrica del Vapore was animated by more than 80 events including workshops, reading, showcooking, artistic performances, concerts and theatre shows.

Among them, the Biennale hosted an event with Luca Missoni, from the fashion Maison, on the relations between contemporary art and fashion.

Mediterranea 17 promoted also some additional opportunities for the young artists to be truly involved in the city. Among them the collaboration with Bookcity, one of the most important Italian book fair, that hosted the reading session “Word from the Mediterranean”, opened to the writers of the Biennale; the performatives actions carried out in collaboration with the Office of Fine Arts of Brera, and the OFF Program of the Biennale, that included workshops, actions and residences, as well as the opportunity for some musicians to perform in Milan’s Arci clubs such as Circolo Métissage, Circolo L’impegno, Circolo Arci Biko.

This edition of the Biennale involved not only the hosting City Milan, but it features a collaboration with two other Italian cities: Genoa, that hosted 100 artists selected for the Biennale from October 19th to 22nd, involving them in a path towards the event in Milan; and Turin, that on October 23rd at “Scuola Holden”, Piazza Borgo Dora 49, hosted the International Forum Biennale 3.0 | 30 years of creative productions, mobility, social and cultural policies and new perspectives between Europe and the Mediterranean. Biennale 3.0, promoted by BJCEM with the support and under the Patronage of the City of Turin and under the Patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. An open lab to collect feedbacks from experts and representatives of the most important European cultural organisations, around the topic of contemporary art in the Mediterranean, among them the Cimetta Fund, René Seydoux, Pepinieres, The Arab Education Forum, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, Culture Action Europe and more.

In the framework of the Biennale the results of five special projects have been presented.

The first one is A Natural Oasis Summer School, Provoc’Arte 1991 working hypotesis for an archive, dedicated to Roberto Daolio, a transnational project on visual arts, promoted by the Republic of San Marino, begun last year within the Castello di Montegiardino. Curated by Alessandro Castiglione and Simone Frangi, in cooperation with Viafarini and Little Constellation, had as objective the creation of a path of journey, study, training and research for 15 selected young artists from: Cyprus, Island, Luxemburg, Malta, Republic of San Marino, Italy, Greece and Great Britain which after the Republic of San Marino, Milan and Gibraltar – UK will conclude with an exhibition and a workshop in Viafarini within the Fabbrica del Vapore.

The second one, Motel Trogir. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, is dedicated to the artistic reflection on the modernist building, build in 1965 and designed by one of the most important architect during the socialist Jugoslavia, Ivan Vitic. The results of the project conceived by the curators Natasa Bodrozic and Ivana Mestrov, will be presented in Milan by the artists coming from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and UK.

The third one, Ecoismi 2015, is a project of public art at its fourth edition, in which the open space is lived in a creative way: a contemporary art experience that wants to connect itself, through its public and environmental nature, to processes and transformations related to the territory, the environment and its current condition, in order to open a discussion on the ecological and sustainable dynamics. Curates by Ylbert Durishti and organised and promoted by the Municipality of the City of Cassano D’Adda.

The fourth, Sulcislab, is a project promoted by the cultural department of the Municipality of Cagliari. The project wants to promote the creativity of young Sardinian designer in collaboration with the sources of the local and traditional artistic handicraft within the territory of Sulcis. An initiative curated by Olga Bachschmidt.

The fifth, La Ville Ouverte, curated by Marco Trulli, is an Euro-Mediterranean program of public art actions promoted by Arci, within the network Bjcem. Through workshop, residencies and exhibitions, the Ville Ouverte investigates the role of the art and the artists in the space and in the collective public imagination.


Chiara Abastanotti; Marcos Abella Serrano; Lorenzo Aceto; Elisa Adami; Beverly Agius; Alaplaj; Thomas Albdorf; Allopix; Ester Armanino; Marga Arosa; Ani Anahid Asvazadurian; Maxine Attard; Andrea Atzori; Abu Ayyash Hamza; Uran B.; Tanja Bakic; Nelisa Bazdar; Ramia Beladel; Smail Beldjelalia; Rana Benyahya; Frank Berjim; Tilahun Bertocci; BezoarT; Matic Bobnar; Ilaria Bochicchio; Dorianne Bonello; Fabio Bonetti; Carola Bonfili; Irene Buselli; C is for Noir; C&C; Ignacio Cabrelles Cubes; Mattia Campo Dall’Orto; Sarah Capesius; Maria Grazia Carriero; Teresa Carvalheira; Lia Cecchin; Vincent Ceraudo; Kolaiti Chara; Pappas Christos; Tsamis Christos; Chriz; Oxyput Compagnie; Martina Conti; Viola Conti; Chiara Cossu; Giammarco Cugusi; Francesca D’onofrio; Melania Dalle Grave; Marìa Dàvila Guerra; Paula De Alba Sabater; Azzurra De Gregorio; Michele De Negri; Mirza Dedac; Milka Delibasic; Thanasis Deligiannis; Compagnia dell’Elisir; Alberto Demarchi; Alesssandro Di; Cristina Di Pietro; Gökçen Dilek Acay; Irene Dionisio; Alexander Duncan; Duo La Rocca Moretti; Benjamin Eichhorn; El Dibujo; Israa El Naggar; Kamal Elfeki; Leanne Ellul; Yasmine Elmeleegy; Mohamed Elmesalami; Gökçe Er; Alexia Falla; Arianna Farricella; Alessandra Ferrrini; Vittoria Fiumi; Sandra Fruebing; Sandra Fruebing; Gaia Fugazza; Nika Furlani; Alma Gacanin; Nacho Garcia; Rami GB; Nehal Ghanem; Riccardo Giacconi; Giulia Giannola; Eluned Glyn; Diogo Goes; Stefano Grilli; Monica Gualtieri; François-Xavier Guiberteau; André Guiboux; Katherine Hall; Haveit;Pablo Hernandez Garcìa; Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt; Katrin I.; Il Vespaio; Merima Ivkovic; Anthony J; Lukas Janitsch; Kaja Janjić; Sonja Jankov; Sonja Jankov; Nuša Jelenec; Nuša Jelenec; Alex Juarez;Fanny Julian; Igor Juran; Andreas Kalli; Bethany Kane; Dimitrios Karanikolas; Akis Karanos; Lito Kattou; Biktor Kero; Melas Kyriakos; La Conflagration; La Gota; La Mas; Sam Laughlin; Clara Leal; Lebanese theater group; Marta Leite; Lemarte; Ori Levin; Marija Licina; M.inT.; Nico Macina; Luciano Maggiore; Giuseppe Magrone; Marija Maksimovic; Enrico Malatesta; Kalia Maliali; Luciana Manco; Francesca Mangion; Ahmed Mohsen Mansour; MaQuaM; Gianluca Marinelli; Orestis Mavroudis; Mayia; Elena Mazzi; Meadows; Emanuela Meloni; Manuel Mensaque; Tiago Mesquita; Gaja Mežnarić; Gaja Mežnarić Osole; Massimo Alì Mohammad; Jacqueline Monter Tendero; Tommaso Mori; Maria Morschitzky; Sati Mougard; Bojan Mrđenović; Giovanni Nardone; Zafeirios Nikitas; Andriana Nikolaidou; Nikolakopoulos Nikos; Carlos Alonso Ojea; Carlos Olagüe Sancho-Tello; Sofia Paggioro; Pajè/Marzocchi; Simona Paladino; Claudio Pantò; Sofia Papakosta; Alexander Julio Pascual Thomas; Matteo Pasin: Iza Pavlina; Samuel Payet; Pablo Pèrez Monforte; Enrico Piras; Alexandros Plomaritis; Helga; Portanier; Tijana Radenkovic; Ivana Radovanovic; Giacomo Raffaelli; Nuvola Ravera; RBDC Company; Jacopo Rinaldi; Eleonora Roaro; Cristina Robles Elvira; Alejandro Robles Gomez; Alessia Rollo; Carlos Romero Gómez; Tanja Sabol; Antonino Salemi Garigliano; Jose Salguero; Alejandro Sanchez Ceron; Silvia Sanna; Alessandro Sau; Maria Elena Scarlata; Alvaro Seiça; Hugo Pedro Serra; Giulia Serri; Madeline Shann; Leonard Sherifi; Gurdain Singh Rayatt; Ira Skopljak; Pilar Soto; Amir Youssef Tadross; Anna Costanza Tassotto Verdi; Kaja Teržan; The last location;The Loud residents; Triantafyllou Sofia Theofaneia; Efthimis Theou; Ste Tirasso; Fikrete Topalli; Leontios Toumpouris; José Trigueiros; Dragana Tripkovic; Marko Ubovic; Urge; Floryan Varennes; Jacques Vartabedian; Eleni&Suzana Vougioukli; Yoav Emanuel Weinfeld; What Is Written Dance Company; Anna Marie White; Ali Zreik; Ana Zubak; Hussein Zuhour; ZUKDance

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