Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, Tirana 2017, Cacaorocks

Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée


BJCEM, Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, is an international Network founded in Sarajevo on July 2001. Nowadays, the Network is composed by 52 members from 18 Countries gathering public bodies, state departments, foundations, municipalities, independent associations, cultural institutions. BJCEM is member of the Anna Lindh Foundation and Culture Action Europe network.
The aim of BJCEM is to create opportunities of training, mobility, exchange, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and collaboration among young artists. Among the activities that BJCEM organises, the most important is the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, an event that gathers together hundreds of young artists in a different city, showcasing their art in the various disciplines, such as cinema, music, food, art, theatre, dance and literature. BJCEM, since 1985, organised 18 Biennials throughout its 30 years activities involving more than 10.500 young artists and over 750.000 visitors. The nex will be Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale San Marino 2021.
In addition to the Biennale, BJCEM is committed, in collaboration with partners, partners and donors, to carry out transnational collaborative projects, able to offer further opportunities for young artists and curators (residencies and research programs, conferencese, workshops, etc.).

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Current activities

Republic of San Marino, 2021

Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale

School of Waters

curated by A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme

BJCEM-Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, the Ministry for Education and Culture of the Republic of San Marino, the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino, and the University of the Republic of San Marino are glad to announce the selected artists of Mediterranea 19 Young Artists’ Biennale – School of Waters.

The current crisis has made it necessary to postpone the official opening of Mediterranea 19 Young Artists’ Biennale until 2021.
Specific dates will be announced in due time.

Even at a moment of standstill, Mediterranea 19 continues to research and dialogue with the artists with the aim of expressing the Biennale and its ecological potential in a collective transitory space, a waiting room hosting the preparations for next year’s event in San Marino.

The curatorial team of School of Waters, driven by the symbolic agency of waters, conceived an editorial platform which functions as a digital wetland: a breeding ground wherein ideas foster, processes collect and multiply, generating syncretisms that gradually build the ecosystem of Mediterranea 19

BJCEM, the State Secretariat for Education and Culture, the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino and the University of the Republic of San Marino, has launched MEDITERRANEA 19 Young Artists Biennale, a transnational Biennale, which will take place in 2021 in the Republic of San Marino under the title School of Waters.

MEDITERRANEA 19 – School of Waters is dedicated to artists, writers and researchers under 35 coming from or based within a constellation of territories related to the Mediterranean Sea. In this geopolitical frame, MEDITERRANEA 19 – School of Waters aims to reflect on exchanges and hybridizations as well as on crossed diasporas in the Mediterranean globalized space. Disseminated in different venues in the Republic of San Marino, MEDITERRANEA 19 is curated by the third edition of A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme (2018-2020):

Senior Curators
Alessandro Castiglioni, Italy; Simone Frangi, Italy/France (founders and directors of A Natural Oasis?);

Curatorial Board
Theodoulos Polyviou, Cyprus/UK; Denise Araouzou, Cyprus/Spain; Panos Giannikopoulos, Greece; Angeliki Tzortzakaki, Greece/Netherlands; Nicolas Vamvouklis, Greece/Italy; Giulia Gregnanin, San Marino/UK; Giulia Colletti, Italy/UK (Research Fellows of A Natural Oasis? 2018-2020).

Respond, react, evolve.

Food for thought on new directions.

BJCEM Network, as all the cultural operators around the world, is facing the Covid-19 emergency. We would like to use this difficult moment, to collect and share original reflections from institutions, cultural operators, artists and curators, regarding the current situation and future perspectives for culture. Among the others we have published contributions by: Mercedes Giovinazzo, Cristina Da Milano, Luigi Ratclif, Karsten Xuereb, Karen Venturini, Maja Ćirić, Marco Giusta and Ana Díaz.

DIFFONDERE LE PAROLE – tenuto da Nicole Romanelli
Workshop online di social media e autopromozione nella scrittura in rete.
METAMORFOSI – tenuto da Giulia Caminito
Laboratorio online di scrittura su migrazione e identità.
VIAGGIARE NELLA POESIA – tenuto da Gassid Mohammed
Laboratorio online di scrittura poetica.

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