Residency in Nottingham (UK)
6-10 NOVEMBER 2017


We’re very excited to announce the results of the selection of UK and international artists participating in the multidisciplinary residency “WORK IN COMMON” at Primary​ in Nottingham (UK), organised in partnership by Bjcem – Association Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée and UK Young Artists.

The selected artists are the following:

Angeli Bhose (U.K.)
George Chinnery (U.K.)
Hyeji Woo (U.K.)
Marwa Benhalim (Egypt)
Nicolas Vamvouklis (Greece)
Sam Baker (U.K.)
Tom Verity (U.K.)
Guillaume Lo Monaco (France)
Wingshan Smith (U.K.)
Invited artists, with the support of Federal Chancellery of Austria: Juergen Kleft (Austria) and Faxen (Austria).

If you want to discover more about the artists please visit ->

We would like to thank all the artists that have sent their applications, we are sure that there will be many other opportunities to cooperate in the near future.

The residency | A summary

Work In Common was the first international residency programme to be held in the UK supported by BJCEM and our partner UK Young Artists. Hosted by Primary, an artist-led space that exists to support creative research and to develop new ways of engaging audiences. Offering dedicated artists studios alongside more flexible spaces, both within and outside the building, where artists from around the world can meet and work in the heart of Nottingham
Artists from across the UK and Europe were selected to take part in a programme that was aimed at artists with an interest in how we choose to work with others and across disciplines to produce art. The residency encouraged participants to discuss and experiment with different ways of working and to test out new ideas together, starting from the question: “What it is to collaborate?”. Emma Smith, who has a performance based social practice, creating public platforms for experimentation and research through site-specific actions, events and installation, and Jamie Sutcliffe, a writer based in London and a publisher at Strange Attractor press facilitated and led discussions. During the week the artists visited and met with many leading figures in the arts sector including Carolina Rito, Public Programme and Research & Irene Aristizabal, Head of Exhibitions from Nottingham Contemporary, Matthew Chesney, Director of Backlit. Skinder Hundal, CEO & Melanie Kidd, Director of Programmes from New Art Exchange and Tom Godfrey, Curator of Bonington Gallery. The end of residency was marked with a public event at which the artists had to decide how to share the outcomes of the week. They did so through discussion with invited guests from Nottingham City Council and the regions universities; sharing objects and items which supported collaborative process.
Background and Information on the Partners and Organisers

Organiser: UK Young Artists (UKYA)

UK Young Artists is a registered national charity that champions the next generation of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue, ensuring a vibrant and diverse creative future for the UK. We develop artists’ practice through cross art form opportunities and celebrate creativity at national & international festivals


Hosting Partner: Primary

Primary is an artist-led space that supports creative research through artist studios and residencies, public exhibitions and events. The focus of the programme is on process and production; offering artists the freedom of time and space to experiment, develop new projects or to move away from fixed ways of working. This curatorial approach aims to consider the different ways in which the process of making art can be opened up and made visible to various publics.


Supported by: BJCEM

Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (BJCEM) is an international network founded in Sarajevo on July 2001, made of 59 members from 21 countries, gathering together cultural institutions as well as independent organizations. The aim of the Association is to create opportunities for the young creators of training, mobility, exchange, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and collaboration. The Association supports their creativity processes and put them in contact with local and international realities in order to help them to grow personally and professionally. Among the activities that BJCEM organises, the most important is the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, an event that every two years gathers together hundreds of Euro-Mediterranean young artists in a different city. BJCEM organised 17 Biennials throughout its 30 years activities involving more than 10.000 young artists.



The verb to collaborate comes from the Latin collaboratus – to labour together, or to Work in Common. This micro residency is aimed at artists with an interest in how we choose to work with others and across disciplines to produce art; and will encourage participants to discuss and experiment with different ways of working, to ask what it is to collaborate, and to test out speculative ideas together. Housed in the spaces at Primary, artists will participate in this intensive micro-residency structure – involving presentations, crits, workshops, ‘go see’ visits, and a public event. Through the micro residency you will have the opportunity to interrogate collaboration and interdisciplinarity in relation to your work, with input from artists involved in the Primary programme, as well as with curators and staff at partner organisations.

BJCEM is supported by:

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