Amir Yatziv
“detroit #21-7-9”, 2011
c-print – 110,5 × 200,8 cm
Courtesy the artist and Laveronica arte contemporanea

Mediterranean Landscapes

Mediterranean landscapes” è stato un progetto di residenza internazionale sul paesaggio mediterraneo, realizzato con il supporto di BJCEM. Cinque artisti e quattro curatori insieme per riflettere sull’interazione tra luoghi, persone e culture. Il progetto è stato esposto e presentato nel corso di Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale.
Ecco il video della mostra conclusiva, realizzato da Pelagica:

Gli artisti coinvolti sono stati Ryts Monet, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Neza Knez, Chloe Despax e Ieva Saudargaitė.
Il progetto è stato curato da Giuditta Nelli e Marco Trulli, in collaborazione con A-pois. Art projects to overcome impossible sites e Pelagica (Fabrizio Vatieri e Laura Lecce).

Open call

An international residency programme open to under-34 visual artists

curated by

Giuditta Nelli, Marco Trulli

in cooperation with

A-POIS Art Projects to Overcome Impossibile Sites

Pelagica (Fabrizio Vatieri and Laura Lecce)

MEDITERRANEA 18, Young Artists Biennale, 2017

The first residency in Viterbo is starting!

Viterbo, 20-31 October 2016

Selection results

Among the nearly 100 application received from the five partner countries of the project, the curators Giuditta Nelli and Marco Trulli, in cooperation with A-pois. Art projects to overcome impossible sites and Pelagica, have selected the six artists that will be involved in the residencies in Tuscia and Tigullio (Italy) and in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The selected artists are:

Enrico De Napoli (Ryts Monet) – Italy
Giulio Saverio Rossi – Italy
Neža Knez – Slovenia
Chloé Despax – Belgium
Harbi Sèlim – Tunisia
Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi – Lebanon

A special mention goes to:

Stefano Cozzi – Italy
Gaetano Cunsolo – Italy
Giulia Savorani – Italy
Irene Dionisio – Italy
Riccardo Attanasio – Italy
Nour Bishouty – Lebanon
Mario Ciaramitaro – Italy
Manuela Luise – Italy
Ghada Camma – Tunisia
Lynn Kodeih – Lebanon

The call


“La Ville Ouverte” is a public art programme promoted by Arci Nazionale with Arci Lazio and Arci Liguria in the framework of BJCEM Network. In 2016 LVO would like to choose young artists among the BJCEM network in Tigullio (Genoa) and Tuscia (Viterbo) areas to start a long term project of residencies. The theme of the venture would inspire some reflections about identity, geography and the nature of public space in the age of migration, specifically in the in the euro – Mediterranean area.

Six artists coming from Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Tunisia and Lebanon will reflect on public spaces and Mediterranean imaginary. The residency will take place in the Tigullio and Tuscia territories and includes 10 days of explorations, round-tables and meetings with the local communities, aiming to observe, reread, map out and re-enact the lands. Through a path of elaboration shared with curators, architects, urban planners and geographers; an idea of landform blending imaginary elements, identities and migrations together will spring.

How do landscapes shape human imagination?

A supranational itinerary linking together three lands and six artists coming from four different countries will tackle he features of Mediterranean landscape to foster an experiential, imaginary cartography. The overlap between unrelated elements, contextualizing and looking for an imaginary elsewhere will be at the core of a research on landscape conceived as a superimposition of local, cultural and geographical layers, as a restless process of hybridization.

The first step of the programme will be developed at the same time in Tigullio and in the Tuscia territories, producing a series of artworks that will be put on display at the first end-of-residency exhibition. Then, La Ville Ouverte | Mediterranean Landscapes will move to Ljubljana, where the residency will offer some moments of sharing among artists and curators.

The artworks will not be site specific projects. They will, in fact, reflect on the regular features of the Mediterranean landscape and on the attempts to create a common geography of reference points, always looking for a shared identity related to migrations and transformations.

The project is an in-progress work that will be presented, first in the Tuscia and Tigullio territories and then, at the end of the second stage of residency in Ljubljana.

The final outcomes of the residency will be shown during Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale that will take place in May 2017 in Tirana and Durrës (Albania).


First Step

Tuscia and Tigullio (Italy) OCTOBER 21st to 30th

Giuditta Nelli, ARCI Liguria, in cooperation with A-POIS, Art Projects to Overcome Impossible Sites, will curate the residencies in the Tigullio area. During the residency the artists will have the possibility to exchange, meet and discover the cultural/natural/urban context. Public debates and specific non-formal lessons, will help artists to contaminate their identities, define their geographies and design their works. La Ville Ouverte in Liguria, also includes a conference in Genoa and a final presentation of the project in form of a round table.

Marco Trulli, Cantieri d’arte, in cooperation with Pelagica, will curate the residences in the Tuscia area. The focus of the project will be the query of public imaginary and the slide off the usual meaning of urban space. Moments of theoretical debate will be integrated by some urban drifts: a while to spend into the landscape architecture to understand it in depth and take inspiration. During the residency some performances will take place in public area and there will be a presentation of the residency outcomes.

Second Step in collaboration with Skuc Association

Ljubljana (Slovenia) OCTOBER 31st to November 7th

Immediately after the first stage in Italy, the artists will move to Ljubljana for the second stage of the project. The residency in Ljubljana will act as a moment of sharing among the six artists and as a discussion opportunity for the very same artists and their appointed curators. During the residency there will be room for drifts in the Ljubljana public space, in search of elements which may be useful for the project. At the end of the six days the outcome of the project will be presented.

Last step

Tirana and Durasse (Albania) MAY 2017

The outcomes of the project will be shown during Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, May 2017 in Tirana and Durrës.


Young artists aged up to 34 (born from January 1st 1982) shall send the following:

  1. A) Portfolio
  2. B) Curriculum Vitae
  3. C) Application form, downloadable HERE
  4. D) Motivational letter proving your specific interest in the program

Only Pdf files are accepted (for a total of max. 6 MB).

All the dossiers, motivational letters and application forms shall be sent to not later than September 11st 2016.

The call is open to artists coming from Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Tunisia and Lebanon.
A group of artists can apply to this call, but, if selected, they will be considered as single artist, therefore all the costs (flights and accommodation) connected to the participation of more than one component will be covered by the artists themselves and not by the organizers.

Please note that the working language will be english only.

Any application not complying with the requirements will be automatically rejected.


The dossiers will be evaluated at their incontestable discretion by curators. A total of 6 artists coming from Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Tunisia and Lebanon will be selected.


The participants will be selected during the week following the deadline for application detailed in the announcement and selection results will be communicated immediately.

In order to facilitate the participation of the young artists, Bjcem will cover and directly buy the flights tickets up to a maximum amount of 700€ for each selected participant.  In case the travel expenses exceed this amount, the artist should guarantee the coverage of the extra amount. The project also covers all the accommodation costs.


This announcement and the attendance at La Ville Ouverte | Mediterranean Landscapes do not preclude the possibility to apply for future BJCEM announcements with different personal projects and be selected. The artists who have already participated in the previous editions of the Bienniale can apply for La Ville Ouverte | Mediterranean Landscapes.


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Mrs. Giuditta Nelli, tel. 0039 010 2467506;
Mr. Marco Trulli, skype marco.trulli;


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