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SulcisHub was born from the will of the mayor, Marco Antonio Piras and the administration of the municipality of Tratalias, with the aim of experimenting a contact residence between young European artists and the territory of Sulcis, to stimulate new creative paths. The objective is to make Tratalias a center of international culture and lots of spaces have already been given to local craftsmen and artists laboratories to develop their laboratories, entrepreneurial projects and start-ups.

An artistic exchange Hub on an island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean that will become the focus for the construction of new creative networks of integration and cultural exchange among people, recreating the ancient network of civilizations that dates back thousands of years, on a land that was the first bridge for the future Europe.

The residence, curated by Olga Bachschmidt was held from May 16 to 23 2016, and it hosted 8 young artists selected among the participants to Mediterranea 17, the last edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. The aim was to develop a network of creativity through the knowledge of a territory surprisingly rich of cultural heritage and landscape, among the oldest in the Mediterranean. A landscape that also bears the heavy signs of abandoned industrial activities, an open wound that many of the artists have caught and told in their installations.

The residency had a first exploratory phase between history, archeology, nature, ancient artisans knowledge, mining archeology. A mix of information to stimulate creative thinking through the enhancement of the territory’s memory. The second phase was devoted to the design and construction of the artworks, located in different locations, in order to share among the village the artistic experience that inspired the young artists. The residence has created a strong network of active collaboration with the inhabitants and the ancient village craftsmen, creating a virtuous circle of exchange between residents and artists and creating an optimum working environment. The installations will be visible for the whole summer period.


A documentary dedicated to the Sulcis Inglesiente area, can be found here:

For further information about Tratalias:

The Facebook page that contains info and pictures of the residency is available here:

Artworks by: Gökçen Dilek Acay, Ramia Beladel, Teresa Carvalheira, Irene Dionisio, Sam Laughlin, Marta Leite, Anthony J. Meadows, Urge.


Curator: Olga Bachschmidt
Powered by: Municipality of Tratalias
Partner: BJCEM, Municipality of Cagliari
Media Partner: Artribune

Selected artists

The members of SulcisHUB Commission, (Olga Baschmidt, project curator; Federica Candelaresi, BJCEM General Secretary and Marco Piras, Major of Tratalias) are pleased to annouce the ten artists selected for the first SulcisHUB Artists’ Residency:

Anthony J. Meadows, Gökçen Dilek Acay, Irene Dionisio, Leonard Sherifi, Marta Leite, Nuvola Ravera, Ramia Beladel, Sam Laughlin, Teresa Carvalheira, Urge

Gokcen Dilek Acay_Cristals

Irene Dionisio

Irene Dionisio_2

Marta Leite

AJ Meadows_La Saliera

Ramia Beladel_La presenza dell’assenza/The presence of the absence

Sam Laughlin

Sam Laughlin_2

Teresa Carvalheira


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