Disorder is the concept that defines the BJCEM participation to WEYA,World Event Young Artists, which will take place next September, from 7th to 16th, in Nottingham.

The project is curated by Mr. Marco Trulli and Mr. Claudio Zecchi and has been developed by BJCEM with more than 50 members and partners of its network.

Disorder will offer the possibility to enjoy in a single city, Milan, the works of more than 100 artists coming from 30 different Countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area (among them Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Syria).

The topic Disorder is meant in its positive meaning, as the potential of transformation and the creation of transition, as a reference to a crisis or a friction state that leads to a moment of changing and shifting from a phase to another.

The event was then ended by Mapping the future, a workshop organized by Marco Trulli and Claudio Zecchi, where many artists based in Milan took part. Those, working in pairs, explored the relation with the territory to respond to the disorder created by a dimension completely merged with the present.

Martina Conti, an artist from San Marino, finally set a laboratory that involved non professional performers previously selected on a call for submission, inviting them to be part of her performance A reading sculpture.
To see a photo gallery of Disorder @Fabbrica del Vapore, visit -> www.flickr.com/photos/bjcem/albums/72157634438984073
To know more about Disorder @WEYA, visit -> dis0rd3r.wordpress.com
To see a photo gallery of Disorder @WEYA, visit -> www.flickr.com/photos/bjcem/albums/72157634443876028/with/9189101623/

Disorder_mohamed arejdal performance

ph. by Roberto Sartor