Communication expert: an open position at BJCEM
for the project DE.A.RE – DEconstruct And Rebuild

What is BJCEM
BJCEM is a network of 45 members, ranging from cultural institutions to independent organizations, coming from 15 countries. Legally registered in Belgium, it manages its activities from its Executive Office based in Turin, Italy.
BJCEM aims at fostering mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, and collaboration in the arts among young creators, around the Mediterranean. Its projects and activities provide training, mobility, and exchange opportunities that, in turn, support artists creative processes, through personal and professional growth.
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The project DE.A.RE.
BJCEM is looking for a communication expert, who will oversee communication and dissemination activities related to the project DE.A.RE – DEconstruct And Rebuild, co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the Creative Europe Programme (Grant Agreement Project 101052900 — DE.A.RE.).
DE.A.RE has the following objectives:
-> (Objective 1) Increase the capacity of cultural organisations and professionals to be active internationally, by enhancing their ability to face common challenges.
-> (Objective 2) Enhance the competencies of artists, fostering in particular the visibility and circulation of emerging talents and artworks in Europe and beyond.
-> (Objective 3) Reflect and debate on the role of artists as vectors of change in contemporary societies, with a specific focus on the EuroMed region. Issues to be tackled include working conditions, fair income, social security rights, access to funding and cross-border mobility.   
Job Description
BJCEM is looking for a communication expert able to manage “Communication and Dissemination” activities related to DE.A.RE project. Aims of the activity will be:
  • give adequate visibility to the project
  • ensure a wide dissemination of its results beyond local, regional and national level
In order to maximize the project’s impact in terms of dissemination, the communication expert will be in charge of the following tasks:
  • manage BJCEM website (WordPress based); a platform to upload and disseminate the videos of the conferences and all the outputs produced
  • manage BJCEM newsletter (Mailchimp based), currently followed by more than 4,000 subscribers, with a monthly update on the DE.A.RE project
  • manage BJCEM Facebook page, currently followed by 6,183 people, with weekly posts on the DE.A.RE project and targeted ads campaign
  • create a new BJCEM Instagram page. The page will be created and developed through a solid strategy. Posts will include behind-the-scenes posts, quotes and text-based images, regrams and user-generated content, instructional posts, videos, reels, with the overall objective of increasing the BJCEM brand awareness, attracting young artists and enhancing networking. The BJCEM Instagram page will also be the place where updates about DE.A.RE will be provided.
  • English and Italian language at proficiency level
  • Good knowledge of French language is an asset
  • Good knowledge of WordPress and Mailchimp
  • Solid Experience in Social Media Management of cultural/artistic organisations
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Good networking skills
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize projects
  • Attention to detail
How to apply
To apply, you must send your CV and a motivational letter to by March 20, 2022 at midnight.
For the above-mentioned tasks, a gross annual fee of € 13,760.00 is envisaged, including any tax. This cost will be the final cost for BJCEM. The payment will be provided divided in different installments, accordingly to the accomplishment of the foreseen tasks. The duration of the project is 3 years (end: December 31, 2024).
Upon payment, the expert will issue a regular invoice for tax purposes.

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