Curator Nicolas Vamvouklis in conversation with the six international artists participating in the “Beyond Boundaries” residency program at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan (10-31/01/2024).

Domenika Georgiou is a multidisciplinary artist that works with performance, digital media, immersive installations, sound, and the integration of custom machinery — ranging from self-sustaining apparatuses to wearable cyber prostheses. Her work emerges from a profound fascination with the interplay between contradictory/complementary dimensions that shape the human existential experience and the understanding of the Self.
Her practice is dedicated to uniting opposing realms into holistic post-dual bodies, showcasing their co-presence in a liminal immersion.
This process involves a deliberate blurring of boundaries while challenging the validity of essentialist understandings. With a particular emphasis on the perpetual flux inherent in the in-between threshold – which often expresses uncertainty, paradox, and the dissolution of order. A partially undefined and contradictory in-between state that both allows and compels new ways of being, embracing transformation and transcendence.
Through the use of symbols, metaphors and the incorporation of cybernetic principles, like self-reference and circularity, her work intends to dismantle boundaries and deconstruct ambiguous sense-making systems.
Nicolas Vamvouklis (NV): How would you describe your artistic practice?
Domenika Georgiou (DG): Through a multidisciplinary approach, my artistic practice primarily focuses on mechanical cyber prostheses and custom machinery. It aims to dismantle boundaries and deconstruct ambiguous sense-making systems. Rooted in a profound interest in understanding life, my artistic practice serves as a conduit for deepening existential awareness, allowing and bringing forth a profound sense of being.
NV: Beyond Boundaries: What was the initial thought that crossed your mind when you encountered this title?
DG: The title immediately resonates with my work, throughout which I’ve explored boundaries pertaining to our human understanding, the confines of the body, concepts of immortality, or experiences of time. In contemplating the title, my mind turned toward the root cause of boundaries, leading me to the idea of fear. Fear is the catalyst for dichotomy, friction, and the fragmentation of holistic experiences. It acts as a force that opposes unity and infinite love. 
NV: Can you provide some insights into the project you worked on during the residency?
DG: As part of an ongoing project, during the residency I started developing a prototype of a wearable device positioned on the arm that calculates the wearer’s heart pulse and translates it into outputs that extend beyond the human body and into external surroundings. I aim to create a system that provides a unique perspective on the intricate interplay between internal human states and physical space. 
NV: In which ways did you connect to Milan?
DG: Having previously lived in Milan during my studies, returning was a really impactful experience that has brought forth new dimensions to my connection with the city. Exploring the intricacies of its gothic architecture and frequent visits to the monumental cemetery have significantly enriched my artistic perspective.
NV: In these times of global challenges, how do you see your role as an artist?
DG: In times of uncertainty, art becomes a source of solace, a medium through which we can collectively navigate the intricacies of our reality. Amidst the backdrop of global challenges, art serves as a poetic force that weaves us together into a unitary multiplicity. As an artist, my intention is to create art that catalyzes introspection, leading toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I also intend to offer narratives that inspire empathy and a sense of interconnectedness.

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