Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment #5_Tokyo

After Milan (Fabbrica del Vapore, 2014), New York (Residency Unlimited, 2015), Nottingham (New Art Exchange, 2016) and São Paulo (PIVÔ Pesquisa, 2017) Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment will run in Tokyo (February and March 2018) hosted by TOKAS – Tokyo Arts and Space.
Tokyo’s chapter is the continuation of a long-term discursive research by Claudio Zecchi, on the relationship between art and the public sphere. As the project is the culmination of months of conversations with local artists, curators, institutions, and communities, the aim is to unearth and incentivizing the presence of alternative spaces and potential outcomes generated by the discourse itself.
The project is Institutionally supported by TOKAS, BJCEM, UKYA and RAMDOM.
More updates will be published on BJCEM website soon.

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