Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment #4_São Paulo

São Paulo, out of reach, is the title of the fourth chapter of an international research started by the Italian Curator Claudio Zecchi in 2014 that goes under the name Practices as an intersection in a Fragile Environment.
The title that leads the entire research here in Brazil comes from an exhibition made in 2012 by the Brazilian artist Mauro Restiffe.
The aim of this chapter is investigating São Paulo’s public sphere through its Architecture and Urbanism trying to unearth different possible readings. The project moved in fact through different languages such as visual art (in all its possible extent: sculpture, video, performance, photography), journalism, anthropology, activism, curatorship/research, architecture, and urbanism.
Practices as an intersection in a Fragile Environment is a long-term nomadic research project that originates from the need to reconsider from a discursive approach more than ten-years long consideration on the relationship between the art and the public sphere.
The project is usually the culmination of months of conversations with artists, curators, institutions and communities across the city. Seeking to explore the fragile relationship between these two entities, the final presentation aims to unearth how art engages with the local area and community, and the legacy of these relationships.
The first chapter of this project took place in Milan at the end of 2014, it continued in New York City as a second and in Nottingham (UK) as a third.
The outcome it has been so far always different. The preview chapters have investigated the concept of activism (Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan); the role that artists, curators, institutions (Institutional models) perform in the contemporary society at large (Residency Unlimited, New York); and the topic of the language (New Art Exchange, Nottingham).


This is the last chapter of a project that goes under the name of Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment, an independent research investigating the relationship between Art and the Public Sphere in a state of cultural nomadism. The title São Paulo Out Of Reach originates from a 2012 exhibition by Brazilian artist Mauro Restiffe at Instituto Moureira Salles in Rio de Janeiro; a statement that points out very clearly the impossibility of reaching, defining and understanding the city in just one gaze. This chapter is dedicated to the city of São Paulo and mainly focuses on its Architecture and Urbanism through a multidisciplinary extension that involves visual artists, curators, researchers, architects, urban planners, anthropologists, and journalists. Each contribution stands by itself, but at the same time it’s part of an extensive and complex narrative that tries to process the city in its different scales. This text, in a spontaneous and chaotic movement, follows the order in which the contributions have been sent over. This is therefore just a proposal: one of the possible readings.

Copan Building, 1966, Architects: Oscar Niemeyer, Carlos Alberto Cerqueira Lemos, São Paolo (Brazil)

City view from the 23rd floor of Copan Building

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