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Mediterranea Youth Photo

Fotografia Europea” is an international festival, launched in 2006 by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, that has developed a specific project dedicated to under 35 Italian photographers, “Giovane Fotografia Italiana” in partnership with GAI, the italian network for young artists. Considering the necessity to tackle the issues of the Mediterranean area, Fotografia Europea and BJCEM conceived “Mediterranea Youth Photo”, an international photography production project that involved two international festivals Circulation(s) in Paris (FRA) and Encontros Da Imagem in Braga (PR).

Three selected artists (one from France, one from Italy and one from Portugal) had the opportunity to be accompanied by the three curators of the Festivals involved, through itinerant residencies in three countries (Italy, France, Portugal) in the summer/autumn of 2016. The project gave them the opportunity to work together on the same theme, the Mediterranean Sea, a mythical and controversial zone, sometimes a cultural basin that connects and sometimes an impossible limit to overcome.

These residencies touched significant zones of the cities, where it was possible to get in touch with the social context and figure out some relevant connections with the theme. Each residency lasted one week. It was possible to explore how the artists can express different and multicultural points of view with the same tool, photography, almost certainly the nowadays stronger media, that is evolving its forms and techniques. The limits of photography are expanding towards new interdisciplinary landscapes and new emerging genres.

The artists’ selection is curated by:

Daniele de Luigi, Curator of “Giovane Fotografia Italiana” (IT)
Ângela Ferreira, Artistic Director of Encontros da Imagem (PT)
Carine Dolek, Co-founder and member of the Artistic Board of Circulation(s) (FR)

The three selected artists are:

The final productions were presented in the framework of the three Festivals, and during Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale.

An interview to the protagonists of the Festivals involved is available here:

A report of the first residency in Braga is available here:

A report of the second residency in Reggio Emilia is available here:

Emeric Lhuisset, L’autre rive

Federica Landi, The Death of Tiresias

Ana Caterina Pinho, The middle sea

BJCEM is supported by:

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