Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale
Tirana and Durres, May 4-9, 2017

Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale has been a beautiful and powerful experience in such an amazing country, and we enjoyed every minute of the incredible atmosphere and vitality brought there by the artists and curators.

BJCEM wants to deeply thank the Ministry of Culture of Albania, Ms. Mirela Kumbaro Furxhi, for having supported this event, together with the Cities of Tirana and Durres, and Regione Puglia. Special thanks for the precious collaboration also to all the team at the Ministry, that worked closely with us in this months.

Thanks to all the artists involved, and to their talents, that created unforgettable moments.

A special thank you to the Artistic Director, Driant Zeneli and to the team of curators (ALA Group/Maria Rosa Sossai, Ema Andrea, Eroll Bilibani, Maja Ciric, Alban Nimani&Rubin Beqo/Tulla Center, Jonida Turani) that worked really hard for the success of this event.

Thanks to all BJCEM members and external partners, for their collaborative attitude in every step of this event.

Last but not least, thanks a lot to all the technicians that worked for the set up, all the people behind the scene that make this possible, and to all the wonderful volunteers.

The Biennale is gone, but this is not a farewell to Albania. We will all be missing this beautiful country, and we will continue to work with our Albanian partners, to develop new projects for the promotion of young creativity in the area.

And do not forget that the exhibitions of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale will remain open until May 28.


Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale

May 4-9, 2017

Tirana and Durrës, Albania


For the very first time, Albania will be the hosting country of the Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, a multidisciplinary event, promoted by BJCEM, that takes place once in two years in a different location in Europe, with young artists aged from 18 to 34 presenting their contemporary works and performances based on the general theme proposed by the Artistic Director.

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, in collaboration with BJCEM, will host 230 artists from Europe and the Mediterranean region. The public will have a different experience of contemporary art thanks to the interesting formula of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, the proposed theme and unusual exhibition spaces in Albania.

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, together with BJCEM’s Board approved the appointment of Driant Zeneli as the Artistic Director of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, with the responsibility for conceptualizing the theme of the Biennale and setting up the curatorial team, each of the curators curating one of the following six disciplines: applied arts, visual art, performance, literary creation, music and film.

Driant Zeneli is a renowned Albanian artist working between Milan and Tirana, who represented Albania at the 54th International Art Exhibition-Venice Biennale.

He has exhibited at: MuCEM, Marseille, (2016), Centre Pompidou, Paris, (2016); MSFAU Tophane-i Aime, Istanbul, (2016); Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milan (2015; 2010); GAM, Museum of Modern and Contemporaryart Turin (2013); ZKM, Karlsruhe (2012); MUSAC, Castiglia León. Spain, (2012); Prague Biennale 5, Prague (2011); National Gallery of Kosove, Prishtine (2010); Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa (2009); National Gallery of Tirana, (2008).

Driant Zeneli conceptualized the theme of Mediterranea 18, having considered the following:

  • The main aim of BJCEM association, which is the use of art as a tool to promote diversity and intercultural dialogue;
  • the growing complexities of political, social and economic structures in the world and finally Albania, the hosting country of the Biennale that is defined by its isolated and communist past.

The theme is History + Conflict + Dream + Failure = HOME, and much more than a simple equation, Zeneli’s curatorial concept describes why HOME is grounded on these four elements:

‘’… History, intending the archive of the unaccountable number of individual stories, recorded or forgotten. Conflict, to consider the way we share homes. Dream as the project of home, as the fundamental human right to be free to choose and desire our real or imaginary home. Failure as the inner resistance of the various attempts, transformed along the way in search for the dream home’’.

The Curatorial Team comes from various countries and backgrounds, and bring with them valuable experience for curating their respective discipline:

Curator of Applied Arts: Jonida Turani

Curator of Visual Art: Maja Ciric

Curator of Performance: Ema Andrea

Curator of Literary Creation: ALA Group / Maria Rosa Sossai

Curator of Music: Alban Nimani&Rubin Beqo / Tulla Center

Curator of Film: Eroll Bilibani

Multiple exhibition spaces

The 230 selected artists will exhibit in some unusual and though-provoking spaces around Tirana and Durrës. The exhibition spaces include former communist sights, museums, buildings, installations, etc. The selected artists will be hosted in Tirana and Durres from May 4 to 9, 2017. In those days they will have the opportunity to show their works and will perform in the spaces provided in the two cities. The exhibitions will be open to the public until May 28, 2017.

The theme: "HOME"

The list of selected artists

Pre-Biennale in Bari

An interview to the Artistic Director

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