Call for the selection of an agency/studio/freelance able to develop a distinctive visual identity

for the project DE.A.RE – DEconstruct And Rebuild

BJCEM, Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, is a network of 45 members, ranging from cultural institutions to independent organizations, coming from 15 countries. Legally registered in Belgium, it manages its activities from its Executive Office based in Turin, Italy. 
BJCEM aims at fostering mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, and collaboration in the arts among young creators, around the Mediterranean. Its projects and activities provide training, mobility, and exchange opportunities that, in turn, support artists creative processes, through personal and professional growth.
BJCEM is looking for an agency/studio/freelance able to develop a distinctive visual identity for project DE.A.RE – DEconstruct And Rebuild, a project co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the Creative Europe Programme (Grant Agreement Project 101052900 — DE.A.RE.)
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Art.1 The objectives of the project DE.A.RE.
The project DE.A.RE – DEconstruct And Rebuild has the following objectives:
-> (Objective 1) Increase the capacity of cultural organisations and professionals to be active internationally, by enhancing their ability to face common challenges.
-> (Objective 2) Enhance the competencies of artists, fostering in particular the visibility and circulation of emerging talents and artworks in Europe and beyond.
-> (Objective 3) Reflect and debate on the role of artists as vectors of change in contemporary societies, with a specific focus on the EuroMed region. Issues to be tackled include working conditions, fair income, social security rights, access to funding and cross-border mobility.
Art.2 The tasks to be developed 
BJCEM is looking for agency/studio/freelance able to develop a distinctive visual identity of DE.A.RE project, in order to be recognizable and visually attractive and consistent throughout its implementation.
The selected agency/studio/freelance will be in charge of developing the following elements:
  • Logo: the symbol of the project, it contains its values, what the project represents, and its aim is to make the project easily recognizable;
  • Color Palette: the range of colors to be used on the website, as well as in email templates, flyers, banners, and other graphic products related to the project;
  • Font: it must be legible, immediate and in harmony with the logo;
  • Additional graphic elements: borders, lines, shadows and filters can help to better characterize the visual impact.
The selected agency/studio/freelance will also be in charge of developing the necessary executive files of the promotional material related to the project, based on the defined logo, color palette and font, such as: digital banners for website, Facebook and Instagram, layout for conference programs, posters, advertising banners.
BJCEM will provide to the selected agency/studio/freelance all the documents related to DE.A.RE project, in order to have all the contents information to fully develop the work.
Art.3 How to participate
The participation to the present call is free and there are no geographic limitations.
Agency/studio/freelance(s) can send their cv/portfolio and a motivational letter to
by March 13, 2022 at midnight.
Art.4 The selection process
The selection of the agency/studio/freelance will be done by BJCEM Executive Office and it will be based on the quality of the portfolio, the quality of the motivational letter, previous experiences on artistic/cultural projects.
The name of the selected agency/studio/freelance will be published on BJCEM website (
Art.5 The budget and the duration
For the above-mentioned activities, a lump sum fee of 10.000€ including all taxes will be paid by BJCEM to the selected agency/studio/freelance. The payment will be provided divided in different installments, accordingly to the accomplishment of the foreseen tasks. The duration of the project is 3 years (end: December 31, 2024), the work of the selected agency/studio/freelance will not be continuous, it will be managed autonomously based on a calendar developed and agreed with BJCEM.
Art.6 The privacy
Each participating agency/studio/freelance authorizes the processing of personal data in accordance with the current protection legislation and the provisions of EU Reg. 679/2016 relating to the “protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” (GDPR). The personal data acquired by the promoter (Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée) will be processed, also by electronic means, exclusively for the purposes related to the call procedure, or to execute obligations established by law.
The owners of personal data have the right to request updating, rectification, or, if interested, updating the data, and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of data concerning them.

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