Art is an effective language of communication for cultural engagement.
Art reduces physical, intellectual, emotional, mental and social distances between human beings.
Art generates common spaces for original individuality and social encounter.
Art is a form of experience that creates new sensations and reveals new subjectivities.
Art influences change and has the potential to transform the way in which we see and act in the world.
Art is a human need for its existence.
The Mediterranean, the inland sea, has witnessed the birth of human civilizations.
A mosaic of tribes, first settlements, and first cities surrounds it.
It is more than a crossroads. It is where “everything flows”. It is the sixth continent.
Through the Mediterranean people move, travel, navigate, and transmit knowledge, culture,
philosophical thoughts, trades of goods, tastes, savoir vivre, arts, beliefs, traditions…
Anew, it is a region of strategic geopolitical importance for multilateral and national interests.
The Mediterranean is a community that extends beyond its borders. And Europe incorporates the
In 1985, BJCEM set out to support the creativity and professionalisation of young artists and creators in
and around the Mediterranean, to strengthen the relations between all the actors active in the
contemporary cultural and artistic landscape of the region, to encourage peace dialogue, collaborative
practice beyond the existing boundaries.
BJCEM brings together 47 partners from 16 countries, including local and national private organisations
and public administrations as well as higher education institutions.
BJCEM is a cultural network that develops research, education and multisector cooperation projects.
BJCEM is a continuous research project targeting young artists. It initiates cultural, social, political,
artistic dialogue and scrutinizes the Mediterranean’s multiple horizons.
BJCEM believes that artists and creators must be enabled to experiment with innovative, critical and
conceptual content.
BJCEM supports young artists and creators as agents that foster social transformation and critical
political thinking.
BCJEM is convinced that cultural exchange and dialogue are a prerequisite to develop new forms of
sharing economy, social inclusion and human development.

BJCEM is supported by:

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