UP – Urban People

We are very happy to announce the names of the artists that will participate to the residency program in Milan, from November 23 to December 3, in the framework of the project UP-Urban People.
We have received 96 applications.
The City of Milan and BJCEM have selected the following 8 artists:
Photography selection
Ciro Battiloro
Valentina Casalini
Maria Contreras Coll
Agnese Morganti
Videomaker selection
Sabrina Iannucci
Orestis Mavroudis
Beatrice Surano
Carlo Tartivita
Even if not selected, the jury proposed to award a special mention for the quality of their works to the following artists:
Alberto Morici
Camillo Pasquarelli
Valeria Scrilatti
Monica Taverna
Alessandro Tricarico
The City of Milan and BJCEM would like to thank all the artists the have applied and we look forward to meeting the selected ones in Milan!
“UP – Urban People” is a project by Municipality of Milan – Youth, University and Higher Education Area, in collaboration with the Direction, development and strategic coordination of the Suburbs Sector and carried out by the International Association BJCEM-Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée and Fluxlab.

Deadline for submitting a request for participation:
November 11, 2018, at midnight (italian time)


The project

“UP – Urban People” is a project by Municipality of Milan – Youth, University and Higher Education Area, in collaboration with the Direction, development and strategic coordination of the Suburbs Sector and carried out by the International Association BJCEM-Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée and Fluxlab Association.

The project focuses on the issues of inclusion, insecurity (real and perceived), multi-ethnicity and marginality in four suburban districts of the city of Milan (Giambellino-Lorenteggio, Adriano-Padova-Rizzoli, Corvetto-Chiaravalle-Porto di Mare , QT8-Gallaratese), proposing new and innovative looks towards issues which are often tackled by media and politics through the lenses of ideologies.

The objectives are:

  • foster a critical and shared analysis of the potentialities and critics aspects of the changes occurring in the territories, through the creative languages ​​of visual and multimedia arts;
  • turn on the spotlight on areas of the city that are considered marginal and problematic, but that are instead full of suggestions and potential beauty;
  • promote and enhance the work of young local and international artists, who will obtain an important showcase for their work;
  • thanks to the support of the administration, the project intends to contribute to the construction of policies based on data coming from urban contemporaneity and qualified perception, starting from the experience and creativity of young people who, thanks to their biographical experience, can approach the themes of the suburbs and integration with renewed perspectives, useful to tackle and overcome critical situations;
  • foster new paths to discover and visit Milan in an unusual way, and help changing the point of view of the observer (citizen or tourist), through the innovative gaze of the artists, also in connection with tourism promotion strategies and urban marketing strategies.

The call

Art. 1 // Purpose and methodology

The call is aimed at identifying 4 videomakers and 4 under 35 photographers (4 Italian and 4 international), who will be invited to the city of Milan for a residence, from November 23 to December 3, 2018. The residence will consist of a first phase made up of meetings, confrontation and dialogues, intended to stimulate the creativity of the artists and find inspirations that will be useful in the creative phase. The young artists will be coordinated by expert videomakers and professional photographers, members of the Fluxlab association, an integrated arts and experimentation laboratory, active since 2008.

The selected participants will explore the daily reality of living in the project’s focal districts, researching and analysing critical situations, experiences, stories and perceptions of the inhabitants of the places, often characterized by a complex cohabitation with the new inhabitants, trying to bring out new interpretations through their gaze. Thanks to their work it will be possible to bring out hidden and less known aspects of these neighbourhoods, through new points of view that take into consideration also the potentialities related to places that change, becoming welcoming and integrate.

At the end of the residency, each young participant, under the guidance of his/her reference tutor for discipline (videomaker or photographer), will make an original production, which will be presented both in the neighbourhood where the residence took place, involving the realities and the inhabitants of the area, and during a public event at Fabbrica del Vapore on December 18, 2018, when the entire itinerary will be presented to the public.

The productions will provide an alternative point of view to the usual representations of the suburbs as places of latent or manifest social tensions and the artists, drawing inspiration from the meetings and visits made during the residence, will be able to express, through their creativity, an effective counter-narration, able to dismantle the clichés and the most common stereotypes.

Art. 2 // Beneficiaries

The call is aimed at individual videomakers and photographers who live or work in the countries where there are members or partners of the BJCEM Network: Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Palestine, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the UK. The announcement is open to videomakers and photographers between the ages of 18 and 35. Each candidate participates individually and no artists collectives are allowed. Participation is free of charge.

Art. 3 // Calendar

NOVEMBER 11, at midnight (Italian time), deadline for the submission of the participation request.

NOVEMBER 12: communication of 4 videomakers and 4 selected photographers. If one of the selected participant renounces or is not available within 5 days from the communication of the selection, the promoters reserve the right to select another artist among the participants admitted to the competition.



Art. 4 // Requirements for participation

To apply, you must send to application@bjcem.org within November 11 at midnight (Italian time)

  • the participation form completed in all its fields, that can be downloaded here
  • motivational letter of maximum 3000 characters including spaces;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • portfolio in pdf format sent via Wetransfer or via Dropbox link (for video, please send only Vimeo or YouTube links)

The participation to the call is free of charge.

Art. 5 // The selection

The selection of the 4 videomakers and 4 photographers will be carried out at the discretion of the promoters. The names of the selected will be published on the site www.bjcem.org. The selected will receive an email notification with details to attend the residence.

Art. 6 // Change and revocation of the call

The Administration reserves the right to proceed, through and administration deed by the competent director of the Youth, University and Higher Education Area, to modify and/or revoke the call. The deed of amendment and/or revocation must be communicated to all the competitors who have submitted an application for participation.

Art. 7 // Conditions for participation

  • Each selected artist accepts the methodology of the project indicated in art. 1
  • Each selected artist commits him/herself to be available to participate to the residency, from November 23rd to December 3rd and to the final event, December 18th 2018.
  • Each artist bring his/her own equipment.

Mandatory equipment: Cameras, camcorders, microphones, memory cards, laptops, hard drives. If the use of stands, flash lights and continuous lights is foreseen, the use of your equipment is recommended. The videomaker participants must have an adequate level of audio, video editing and video recording techniques and must be autonomous during production phases.

  • Each artist works under his own responsibility and must take the necessary measures and precautions to prevent situations of risk and danger that are detrimental to his own and others’ safety. It is also responsible for damage to property caused by negligence and inexperience.

Art. 8 // Board, lodging, fee and production

The promoters will cover the costs of selected artists related to:

– travel expenses (Return ticket from the city indicated in the application as residence or domicile);

– local transportation costs;

– meals;

– accommodation, in shared rooms, in Milan, for the period of residence and for the final event.

The selected participants will also receive a fee of €900 for each photographer and €1.200 for each videomaker (gross amounts).

Art. 9 // Property and rights

Each participant gives the ownership rights of the realized works and the authorization to reproduce them to the promoters. The intellectual property of the works belongs to the authors.

Art. 10 // Privacy and authorization to use information

By completing the participation form, each participant authorizes the printing, publication and exhibition, free of charge, of the images of the works by the promoters.

Art. 11 // Contacts

International Association BJCEM-Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée Cortile del Maglio, Via Andreis 18, int 18 / c 10152 Torino, Italy

For information: communication@bjcem.org

www.bjcem.org bit.ly/Bjcem_Facebook

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