07 – 13 FEB 2019

Application procedure

UK Young Artists & BJCEM open call for submissions closes on July 1st at 5pm (Italian time).
Any inquiries related to the call should be sent to the following email address:


Please verify if you can apply using the selection tool you can find at the bottom of this page.


Please prepare:

As indicated in the application form, a link to a Dropbox folder containing the following is required:

Your CV
(max. two sides of A4) in PDF format only and titled ‘firstname_lastname_cv’.

For visual arts:
Up to five images or videos of the work you are applying with. If successful in your application, these images will be used in press and promotional materials for the City Takeover, and across UKYA’s digital channels.

For literature:
Up to four examples of your written work, with a maximum of 500 words per example.

For performance and moving image:
For video and performance work, you may submit up to four minutes of actual footage from your work. If successful in your application, some of these clips might be used in trailers for the City Takeover. Please make sure that the video you provide satisfies these criteria:

Clearly audible where there is sound
Clear and high quality video. Don’t submit video that is dark and blurry as the panel will not be able to properly see the work
If you have footage of an entire performance, select snippets of the video and create a trailer/showreel that allows the panel to get a sense of the work in a short space of time
Equally, if you are submitting screen based work (moving image, animation etc), editing a trailer or highlights reel is an effective way to communicate the quality of your work in a short space of time
Make sure that the video file is in an accessible format, for example MP4 or MOV, so that the panel can open it. If you are submitting a vimeo or YouTube link, make sure the video is publicly accessible or UKYA has been given the necessary access/passwords

For music:
Artists submitting work across music and sound art can submit up to four minutes of audio files, which can be across up to four separate tracks.

Applications without supporting documentation will not be considered.


Please send the application form with the Dropbox link containg the supporting documents to the contact email provided at the end of the selection procedure using the selection tool at the bottom of this page.
UK Young Artists & BJCEM open call for submissions closes on July 1st at 5pm (Italian time). 

Use the selection tool below to discover if you are eligible for UKYA City Takeover and to find the contact email to send your application!


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