Res Artis Awards: the residency of Riccardo Giacconi at Villa Ruffieux

During Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale Res Artis, Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies was invited to choose two artists, among the participants, to be involved in residencies.
Two of Res Artis members, KulttuuriKauppila in Finland and Villa Ruffieux Residency Program in Switzerland awarded a fully funded artist residency.
The selected ones were Ivana Radovanovich (KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre) and Riccardo Giacconi (Villa Ruffieux).

Riccardo Giacconi concluded his residency few days ago and this are his impressions:

“During the residency I worked on the editing of a new film that I am realizing, produced by
Sky Arte and Careof (Milano). The film is a portrait of Italian singer Alberto Camerini, and
the residency at Villa Ruffieux, with its wonderful location and breathtaking landscape allowed me
to plunge completely into the editing process.
Furthermore, I am working on two projects with Blauer Hase, my collective. We are editing two
new issues of Paesaggio, the periodical publication we edit (,
and we are preparing this year’s edition of the Helicotrema festival of collective listening, which we
curate since 2012:


 Photo credits: Carolina Valencia, 2016

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