22 – 31 May 2008

 The XIII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean was held for the first time not in a single city but in a larger territory: Puglia, a region of South Italy, with the main activities based in its capital, Bari.

Thanks to its geographical position, facing eastwards but on the shores of the Mediterranean, Puglia has always been a land where cultures have met and create a fertile melting pot.

The project foreseen to host the productions of the XIII Biennial in the whole region, creating a real artistic network on the basis of cultural, social and economic vocations of the Puglia territory, keeping with the spirit of the choose theme of the event, Kairos: Our Creative Diversity.

The disciplines were: Applied Arts, Gastronomy, Images on the Move, Literature, Music, Show and Visual Arts.

Theme: Kairos, Our Creative Diversity

The theme was originally conceived for the project of the Biennial of Alexandria in Egypt, were the event was supposed to take place in 2007. After the failure of the project, due to local social and political issues the event was skipped in 2008 in Puglia. The theme remained the same and also the will to have a specific focus on the South Shore emerging art scene, convinced that cultural differences are not a threat but represent an important resource to be exploited.


713 artists from 37 Countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Jordan, Greece, Republic of Kosovo, Italy, FYROM, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Lebanon, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Hungary) participated to the event and 400 among operators and journalists attended the event.

To be signaled for their inspiring works the following artists: Umut Skallioglu, performer and video-maker from Turkey, Muta Imago, theatre company from Rome, Valerio Berruti, visual artist from Italy, Heidi Moriot, visual artist from France and Lea Rasovszky, visual artists from Bucharest and Mistma Theater Group from Bulgaria and Serbia.


The main venue was at the Fiera del Levante in Bari, then different venues have been set up in the whole region with the intent to reply in many towns some artistic disciplines in order to permit the audience of wide areas of the region to assist to the artistic productions. The official program was accompanied by a large program of parallel events transforming the Biennial in a platform that hosted and presented the different experiences of the local emerging art scene. 

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in collaboration with

Regione Puglia


Regione Puglia

Presidency, Department for Economic Development, Department for Mediterranean Affairs, Department for Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Department for Transparency and Active Citizenship

Steering Committee

Silvia Godelli – Regional Councillor of the Department for Mediterranean Affairs

Bernardo Notarangelo – Department for Mediterranean Affairs Manager

Isabella Tisci – Communication and Information Responsible

Davide Pellegrino – Department for Economic Development Manager

Francesco De Grandi – Productive Activities and Energetic Development Responsible

Luigi Ratclif – President BJCEM

Alessandro Stillo – Secretary General BJCEM

Carmelo Grassi – President Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Giancarlo Piccirillo – Project Manager Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Antonio Princigalli – Director Biennial Puglia 2008


Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (TPP)

Director Biennial Puglia 2009

Antonio Princigalli

Executive Production

Gerardo Draetta – Coordinator

Paolo Palasciano – Organization

Pasquale Gennaccari – Theatre, Dance, Music

Patti Morelli – Production Secretary

Antonella Gaeta – Organizing Secretary

Zone Attive – Visual and Applied Arts Installation

Emiliano Paoletti – Director, Luca Carosella – Coordinator, Matteo di Pietrantonio, Angela Ferramosca, Irene Priolo, Monica Sagaria Rossi

BJCEM Members Support for the installation

Erdag Aksel (Turkey), Enrica Carnazza (Italy), Maria Teresa Casado del Bao (Spain), Alkis Dikaios (Cyprus), Mona Hahn (Austria), Jurij Krpan (Slovenia), Dominque Thévenot (France), Jasmina Selmanovic (Serbia)

National and International Relations

Natale Parisi, Anna Donatiello, Koblan Amissah Bonaventure

Artistic Coordination and Design

Visual and Applied Arts: Antonella Marino, Marilena Di Tursi, Antonella Mari

Cinema: Silvio Maselli, Daniele Basilico (Puglia Film Commission)

Dance: Gemma Di Tullio (TPP)

Literature: Enzo Mansueto, Mauro Marino

Fashion: Silvia Viterbo

Music: Gianni Buttiglione

Theatre: Giulia delli Santi (TPP)


Viviana Neglia, Luciano Rutigliano – Coordinators, Elisabetta De Blasi, Bianca Bronzino, Clarissa Veronico


Roberta La Guardia, Barbara Neglia, Irene Giorgio, Luigi Lopalco, Marina Schirone

Regional Press Office

Lucia Ileana Sapone – Coordinator, Mara Maggiore, Alessia Viola

National Press Office

AdFarm and Chicas, Pierfrancesco Pacoda

Biennale Off 

Arci Comitato Regionale Puglia, Arci Comitato Territoriale Bari


Fidanzia Sistemi

Communications and Graphic Design

Studio 9 Italia

Printing House

Pubblcità & Stampa



Works Shipping

Caradonna Art 




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