12 – 21 December 1988

 Bologna hosted the IV Biennial of Young Artists from Mediterranean Europe.

Organized together by the City and the University, it coincided with the 9th Centenary of the University and the two events shared the will to represent the height of the cultural experimentation that had iPAINTeveryday characterized the city.

The Biennial reminded the attention on the intelligence, talent and creativity of young artists and it led to think about further developments, assuming its full sense only oriented to the future. That’s why the Biennial wasn’t intended as cheap nfl jerseys a mere glittering nuovo showcase but as a starting point to be developed in several directions, following the entire procedure from creation to market and offering to the artists not the generic visibility of an ordinary audience, but the competent eye of those who can offer further and more elevated opportunities.

In comparison with the former edition in Barcelona, disciplines were again re-defined: Applied Arts, Photography, Dance, Theatre, Cinema and Video, Architecture, Ceramic, Design, Graphic, Illustration, Scenography, Fashion, Jewelry-making, Music, contemporary Music, Comics, Poetry and Literature.


700 artists from 7 Countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus and Yugoslavia) participated to the Biennial.

Artists to signal: Andrea Del Sere, graphic designer from Florence, Moreno ARTISTS Gentili, photographer from Milan, Madredeus, music group from Lisbon, Eva Marisaldi, visual artist from Bologna, Roberto Ottaviano, musician from Bari and Arrived Teatro di Piazza e d’Occasione, theatre company from Prato.


The exhibitions were set up in different palaces in the BIENNIAL centre of the city, such as: Palazzo Re Enzo, Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Notai and Sala Borsa. wholesale nba jerseys Perfomances, concerts and fashion shows took place all over the city in different venies: Sala Polivalente, Santa Lucia, Sala 300, Teatro Testoni, Sala Bossi, Club Universitario, Multisala, Teatro San Leonardo, Teatro Soffitta. 

Biennial Catalogue
Short Novel Catalogue
Poetry Catalogue
Comics catalogue, special supplement to “Dolce Vita” magazine n.15, by Luigi Bernardi and Enrico Fornaroli. Graphic design: scatta Beppe Chia. Lettering: Leila Marzocchi.

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Cyprus: Ministry of Education; Croatia: City of Zagreb, Teatar Lero, HDLU, Young Artists Association Zagreb; Greece: Ministry of Culture; France: City of BIENNIAL Lyon, City of Marseille, City of Montpellier, City of Toulouse, Eurocreation – France Agency for Youth Initiatives in Europe, Cultural Region of Languedoc – Rousillon; Italy: Consorzio Università/City of Bologna, City of Milan, City of Florence, City of Modena, City of Parma, City of Prato, City of Reggio Emilia, City of Turin, City of Venice – Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Lombardy Region, ARCI Italy; Portugal: Fundo de Apoio aos Organismos Jovenis, Lisbon Municipal wholesale nfl jerseys Chamber, Clube Portugues de Artes e Ideias; Slovenia: Youth Activities Center Ljubljana SKUC, Forum CIDM, MKZ SMS,OKSSON; Spain: City of Barcelona, City of Madrid, City of Seville, City of Valencia.


Consorzio Università – City of Bologna

Board of Directors

Fabio Roversi Monaco – President, Giovanni Azzaroni, Francesca Bruni, Pier Ugo Calzolari, Mauro Felicori, Baldassarre Pugliese

Organizing Committee


Mauro Felicori

Biennial Office

Marco Barani, Fabio Bonifacci, Raffaella Bruni, Paola Di Fronzo, Afrodite Economidou, Franca Ferri, Gino Gianuizzi, Chiara Grande, Walter Guadagnini, Renato Iacchelli, Annapina Laraia, Donatella Leonardi, Marco Magnani, Rosaria Mariani, Alberto Masala, Mirella Mita, Pier Francesco Pacoda, Vladimiro Pellicciardi, Antonio Princigalli, Sergio Rotino, Maria Cristina Ruggeri, Alessandro Sirna, Maurizio Stanzani, Flavio Strada, Raffaele Tomba, Adelaide Vignola, Giancarlo Vitali

Fashion Show

Angela Vancini – Director

Alpha Project – Set Design

2 di Coppe – Lighting


Unipol, Assicoop

With the collaboration of

Gallery of Modern Art Bologna, Film Library of Bologna, Mostra del Cinema Libero di Porretta, Triennale di Milano, Municipal для Theater of Bologna, Cooperativa Nuova Scena, ASCOM Bologna, International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza, Saffi Social Cultural Center, ATC Bologna, SIAT Bologna, Cassa di Risparmio of Bologna, Conservatoire “G.B. MARTINI,” Bologna, I.N.A., Roberto Grandi.

Tourist Services

Cosepuri, Bologna 




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